CFR’s Julia Sweig Continues Role as Havana Spokeswoman 3

In her story on Wednesday’s wrap-up of the second Summit of the Latin America and Caribbean Economic Community (CELAC), Portia Siegelbaum of CBS News included these offerings from Julia Sweig::

“I can’t imagine a return to the old pattern of Washington dominating the Inter-American system. I’d like to imagine that the Obama administration has the imagination and creativity and confidence to adjust to the new Latin America of foreign policy independence and vastly less deference to Washington. The White House has a choice: throw up its hands and opt for a focus on its bilateral relations with individual countries in the region, or try to accommodate the region’s new multilateralism — one that emphatically includes Cuba.”

Siegelbaum also noted Sweig’s claim that during her latest two-week visit to Cuba, she “heard a clear and explicitly stated interest in cooperation with the United States.”

Editor’s Note: For an excellent summary of the role of Cuban Intelligence Officers in forming Julia Sweig’s opinion, see Humberto Fontova’s September 2010 article, Latin-America “Expert” – or Castro Agent?


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  2. Let’s not forget that the Castro brothers are manipulators and they are looking for anything that keep his regime a float one more day.The Cuban regime wants our policy makers to easy their policy towards the island and then Castro will continue to covertly subvert our interests in Latin America turning Latin America red.The Castro brothers will never play fare,if they want any relation with the US is to their own benefits,just to see how they can get Guantanamo Naval base back to rent it to the Chinese or the Russians or to lift the embargo to continue in power repressing the regular cuban people

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