Minneapolis Hosts Repeat Appearance of Cuban Spy’s Artwork 2

The Twin Cities Daily Planet reports that the Minnesota Cuba Committee has partnered with a local art gallery for a month long exhibit of paintings by convicted spy Antonio Guerrero. The show’s overhyped title — “I will die the way I lived,” is reflective of a number of the propaganda themes used by the Castro brothers thus far in their 55-year reign. Last September, the same Cuba Committee joined with Obsidian Arts in south Minneapolis for a showing to mark the 15th year of incarceration for the Cuban spies.


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  2. Of course Guerrero will die the way he lived.He has been a repressive tool in use of the most repugnant system on the face of the earth,communism.It ill be nice to build a gallery with the names of all those Cubans and Americans murdered by the Castro regime and be able to built a replica of the Cabana prison execution pit.

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