Freed Spy Rene Gonzalez Enters Social Media World 1

On what was clearly a slow news day in Havana, the government-run news service Prensa Latina, a long-term collaborator with Cuba’s intelligence services, announced that freed Wasp Network spy Rene Gonzalez now has a Twitter account. Gonzalez will use his new social media access to conduct “influence operations” on behalf of the Cuban Five.

An “Influence Operation” is an intelligence mission which uses agents, collaborators, sympathizers, and the media to promote a nation’s objectives in ways either un-attributable or marginally attributable to that power. In this scenario, regime supporters around the world can follow “rene4the5” without having to confront the reality of Gonzalez’s continued intelligence affiliation.

Unapologetic regarding his propaganda mission, Gonzalez told the Cuban website CUBADEBATE, “I want to talk about the case of the Cuban Five…” to help reshape US public opinion. PRELA also noted that the failed spy will be in London next month “to take part in an international meeting, with the purpose to attract parliamentaries (sic) of the entire world, to create an international commission to get the release of his comrades.”


One comment

  1. We all know that Rene Gonzalez was going to be the new clown of the Castro regime spreading the same lies his tyrannic regime has spread since the Wasp network was disrupted.We must understand that communism strongly relies in propaganda (lies) and misinformation to carry their nefarious agenda.forward,if our policy makers free the four remaining spies and bend their knees to the communist government,the communists would win,and we will look like clowns.
    Castro is a manipulator who will never accept anything if it’s not on his own terms he has been manipulating people for the last 55 years from the European public opinion to the Cuban dissidence and the Miami exile which have kept him in power with all the budget generated by these same Cubans traveling to Cuba.

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