Cuba sigue entrenando mas Tupamaros para enviarlos a Venezuela 3

Uberto Mario, periodista cubano, y ex agente de la Inteligencia Cubana aseguró que el regimen de la Habana continua entrenando mas jóvenes venezolanos para integrar los matones Tupamaros.



  1. The Cuban regime has all ways spend time and energy to produce terrorists and to train groups and individuals to subvert the interest of the US. Cuba has always been a threat to the safety and sovereignty of the American continent and the Caribbean region.Ana Montes was the person that began to falsely spread that Cuba was not a threat to the safety of the US,if Cuba was not a threat to the democracy in the region,Who. Subverted Venezuela and was a key figure to put Chavez,a communist in power in Venezuela?Who supported all these guerrilla movements all over the world?

  2. Uberto Mario doesn’t know anything about what´s going on. He blatantly lied by reporting that Cuban Col. Nelson Domínguez- Morera, a.k.a. Noel, had been sent to Venezuela on June 2013 with 200 cadets for monitoring Maduro’s enemies. As Mario himself, Col. Noel is out of service, and Mario has no actual intel source about nothing. He can only blend old stories with the news to pretend being updated.

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