Sen. Rubio: Alan Gross Is Being Held As A ‘Hostage’ In Cuba 1

(JP Updates) In a floor speech on the situation in Cuba, that the national media had described as his comeback moment for the 2016 presidential election, Florida Marco Rubio noted that the Jewish American contractor, Alan Gross, is being held up a a “hostage” in Cuba for handing out satellite radios to Jewish Cubans.

The blistering speech came in response to a speech given by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), returning from a visit in Cuba, where he praised the Cuban government for their hospitality and for what he called their advanced health care system and socialized education system.

“We heard about Mr. Gross, who is not in jail. He’s not a prisoner. He is a hostage. He is a hostage,” said Sen. Rubio. “And in the speech I heard a moment ago, I heard allusions to the idea that maybe we should — he didn’t say it, but I know the language, I know the code in this — that maybe there should be a spy swap. Here’s the problem: Mr. Gross was not a spy. You know what his crime was, if that’s what you can call it? He went to Cuba to hand out satellite radios to the Jewish community.”

“But, we’re glad to hear that the Cubans are so nice to him that they let him walk 10,000 steps a day and do pull-ups and they let him build a necklace out of bottle cap tops. Very nice of them to allow him to do those things. How generous,” he added.

Watch Rubio’s floor speech below:

Rubio Delivers Floor Speech On Crisis In Venezuela


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  1. Should we remind Mr Harkin that the Cuban regime has three faces,one face for the regime cupola,one for the Cubans in the island and another face to the outside world?or he rather be another useful idiot?

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