Freed Spy Rene Gonzalez in Paris to Thank Supporters 1

Convicted Spy Rene Gonzalez Thanking Supporters in France (Courtesy:  PRELA)

Convicted Spy Rene Gonzalez Thanking Supporters in France (Courtesy: PRELA)

Earlier today, Prensa Latina announced that convicted spy Rene Gonzalez was in France, where he thanked supporters of the “Cuban Five.” In a gathering held at the Cuban Embassy in Paris – the historical hub for Cuban spy operations in France, Gonzalez lamented the media’s disinterest in the “Cuban Five” story, but told those gathered “this silence could not prevent you (sic) declare your solidarity with us.” According to PRELA, attendees included “France Cuba, Cuba Si France, activists for the release of The Five, associations of Cuban residents, political leaders, intellectuals, and diplomats.”

In response to a question from PRELA, a media outlet long-known for its collaboration with Cuban Intelligence, Gonzalez recalled that “some of the first letters of support…” came from French citizens “Annie Arroyo and Jacqueline Roussie…” who wrote letters to President Obama every month demanding the release of Cuba’s spies.

Oblivious to his own hypocrisy, Gonzalez also recycled Havana’s time-worn criticism of the US for once paying journalists to write news stories against the Castro regime. Will someone please tell him who pays the staff at PRELA, ACN, Granma, etc?????


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  1. The communist regime is intensifying his campaign in Europe to free their three remaining spies.Cuba has failed with their campaign to free the three in the US and now,they are moving their campaign to France but the tyranny is forgetting that we are living in a computer age and their lies has been uncovered unlike the 1960 where the Cuban communist disinformation campaign was taking its toll in Latin America due to the fact that Cuba and the Cuban opposition was sealed to the world.
    The world already knows who were the 5 spies and the Wasp network.

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