Venezuela After Chavez: Holding On 1

(The Economist)  Less than three months into his presidency, Nicols Maduro is struggling to fend off challenges to his authority from radicals, soldiers and Cuban spies.


One comment

  1. Maduro is more mediocre than Chavez which was a replica of Fidel Castro. Maduro is just a weak president put in power by a fraud generated by the Cuban DI.I’m not surprise if the Cubans replace him later on once they realize Maduro’s regime is going down.The Cuban will probably will stage a coup,they will murdered Maduro,the Cubans will blame the US and the opposition for the murder of Maduro they will portray Maduro as a hero and then the next puppet will be placed in power by the Cubans to control Venezuela.Maduro was created by the Cubans and there is a chance he could be topple by the Cubans to bring another political figure who could repress the population and hold Venezuela for the Cuban Interests.

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