Havana Concedes Its Spies Targeted Alan Gross; Allows CNN Interview With One Member of The Spy Team Directed Against USAID Worker 3

Cuba double agent speaks

(CNN) Patrick Oppmann speaks to a member of the Cuban state security apparatus about secret US communications programs on the island.


  1. This is another communist dog,that needs to be brought to justice once Cuba becomes free of the communist scum governing the island.I’m not surprised,the Cuban government has hundreds of watch dogs like the one seen in this video everywhere,this is the way for the communists to enact control of the populace,through fear and intimidation.Gross was naive that the Cuban government was going to authorize him to create a cable and cell phone network in Cuba.The Cuban government let Alan Gross in Cuba to set him up for failure and to create an excuse to convict Gross of espionage and to try to exchange him for the three remaining spies.The Gross event was created by the Castro regime and its alcoholic leader Raul Castro and then carried on by watch dogs like the one seen on the video.People like the scum seen in this video are vegetating without knowing that one day they are going to be brought to trial and justice will be serve.Lamentable and despicable event!

  2. This hateful communist regime relies in propaganda to corrupt the image of the people they target whether they are politicians,businessmen or simple political dissidents and if we follow their history we will see it on and on again,the communists tried to create adverse propaganda against Valladares during his 1980’s crusade against the Castro regime,
    the communists have tried to divide the original Miami exile by creating fake dissidents and the communists have tried to divide the strong Miami historic Cuban exile by creating a surrogate exile which support the same agenda Castro is carrying throughout the world.Alan Gross for example has serve the Cuban regime as a mean of propaganda to show give the world the false notion that United States is always plotting to dethrone their corrupt regime.I’m surprise to know that the sons of Cuban Generals like Andollo Valdez and Colome Ibarra are living in Florida unimpeded,as well as Artists that supported the Cuban regime are also freely enjoying the same democracy that people like me and many other American have sworn to defend.

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