Miami Herald Continues Use of Source Previously Tied to Cuban Intelligence 6

StableThe Miami Herald’s never-ending love affair with regime-affiliated personnel continues this weekend, with Juan Tamayo’s citing of Marifeli Perez-Stable in his article,U.S. academics say Cuban reforms not going well. While Tamayo also cited numerous legitimate experts, he failed to acknowledge Perez-Stable’s past affiliation with Cuban Intelligence, which can be found here: Media Use Suspected Spies as Expert Sources  and here, Marifeli Perez-Stable.



  1. Marifeli Perez-Stable’s long history of activism and intelligence activities on behalf of the Castro dictatorship appears here
    In June 2009, Ambassador Armando Valladares denounced Marifeli Perez-Stable as a Castro agent in the Washington Times
    Perez-Stable never responded to such a strong accusation nor took legal action. The Miami Herald refused to address this issue, since Perez-Stable was a member of their Board of Contributors and she boasts in her c.v. here
    as being an Editorial Contributor to the Miami Herald since 2004.
    Here is my lengthy polemic polemic with Juan Tamayo and the Miami Herald on Cuban spies Silvia Wilhelm and Marifeli Perez-Stable in 2009

  2. I didn’t see any problem in using former Castro’s intelligence agents as sources for current issues, as it occurs with defectors. The problem with Dr. Perez Stable is rather that she is a blatant liar, since he denied having been involved in Castro espionage and even stated she lost connection with the Castro regime before 1990, when even The Miami Herald knows that in 1991 the DI officer Orlando Brito made contact with her in Ottawa. We are still waiting for her honorable hara kiri.

  3. Prof. Marifeli Perez-Stable is cunning and manipulative, unlike the pathetic simpleton Prof. Carlos Alvarez, who confessed to being a Castro spy to the FBI. When the Herald ombudsman requested to interview her, the wily old maid insisted the questions be sent to her by email. The issue is that the Miami Herald and Juan Tamayo for years have repeatedly refused to interview DGI defectors Jesus Perez Mendez and Orlando Brito Pastrana, both of whom outed Perez-Stable as a DGI intelligence operative.

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  5. The spy polemic around Perez-Stable was shamelessly overlooked by El Nuevo Herald. By that time, Andres Reynaldo was Information Chief and soon thereafter he spoke at ICCAS on… the Castro intelligence and the Miami press!

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