Former DGI Officer Details The Life & Times of Senior Cuban Spy Alexis Frutos Weeden 1

Alexis Frutos Weeden(Courtesy:

Alexis Frutos Weeden (Courtesy:

By Chris Simmons

Former Dirección General De Inteligencia (DGI) officer Enrique García Diaz reports Alexis Frutos was selected for the DGI during his final year of high school. He then moved to Havana in 1976 to start his spy career. He married an Afro-Cuban woman who gave birth to two daughters during the 1980s. She was not a DGI official at that time.

During the years of the Reagan administration, the “Mexico Desk” at DGI headquarters had eight officers. Frutos Weeden was one of the best officers on this portfolio. Fellow “Desk Officers” included Yolanda Pascual, Enrique Vilavoy “Henry,” Luis Popa “Alan,” Pablo Avelino Gonzalez Diaz “Avelino,” Blas Andres Perira Luna “Ritz,” Orlando Fundora Jr “Aldo” and chief of Mexico operations Rolando Sarraf Elias “Elias.”

According to the CIA Directory of Cuban officials, Sarraf served as a Prensa Latina (PRELA) representative at the Cuban Embassy in the late 1970s. García Diaz and the CIA both noted Frutos Weeden’s assignment to Mexico City as the Commercial Attaché in the early-mid 1980s.

García Diaz said as of his 1989 defection, the DGI Centro in Mexico had 15 officers and had deeply penetrated the Mexican government, every major political party and all key societal sectors. He believes the (now) Directorate of Intelligence (DI) remains deeply rooted throughout the nation to this day.

Alexis Frutos is currently the Political Counselor at the Cuba Embassy in Venezuela, where García Diaz suspects he serves as the DI Centro Chief.


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  1. When the students reached the 11th and 12th Grade the Cuban G-2 will look for some of them to join the different services such as the MININT,DI and other organizations during the 9th grade some students will join the Territorial militias where some of the students will join due to peer pressure or fear of retaliations and some others join as a mean to have a less mediocre life than the rest of the population.
    The student have the right to decline but by doing so he will be denied of any opportunity to enter any University or to follow any career path he wishes by accepting he will be open to the communist and in the near future he will not have any choice but to accept anything the communists order him to do,whether is good or bad and it would not matter how dirty or sinister this individual will not have any choice but to follow his orders.
    The DI has done the work in Mexico to turn the Mexican people against the Genuine Cuban refugees which are portrait by the Castro gang as the Mafia of Miami.All the hatred toward Cuban exiles has been instilled on people by the DI on orders by the murderer Fidel Castro and his alcoholic brother Raul Castro to diminish the credibility of the Cuban exile and to try to hide his regime atrocities by diverting the public opinion on his favor.

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