Convicted Spy Makes First Official Visit 4

icapBy Arnaldo M Fernandez

The Vice President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), former spy Fernando González-Llort, arrives in Madrid tomorrow to take part in the annual festival of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). It is the first time González-Llort has traveled abroad after his release. The agenda includes a concert organized by the State Committee to Free the Five and meetings with the Federation of Cuban Residents in Spain (FACRE) and representatives of solidarity groups.

According to Cuban Ambassador in Spain, Eugenio Martínez Enríquez, dozens of Spaniards rallied in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Sevilla, and Barcelona last Friday to demand the immediate release of the three Wasp Network spies still in prison.

Editor’s Note: ICAP’s intelligence collaboration with the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) dates back over three decades. It is not a DI entity per se, but is believed to be roughly 90% DI-affiliated due to a large pool of collaborators who serve the small team of ICAP-embedded DI officers.



  1. The ICAP is part of the Castro communist system and these bunch of bastards instead of been advocating freedom for the three remaining spies,these communist bastards should be advocating freedom for the Cuban Nation.

  2. The ICAP is an agency that is used as a cover agency with the mean of dispersing false information,collaborating in acts of espionage and recruitment of agents with the DI.This agency is part of the Cuban propaganda machine.

  3. Here is

    the former head of ICAP, the Communist executioner, indicted drug trafficker, and spy master Rene Rodriguez Cruz (right), who supposedly committed suicide. On the left, Prof. Marifeli Perez-Stable, and next to her the rotund immoral spinster Margarita Lejarza Vazquez, who died of AIDS in Miami on January 17, 1985. Her voluminous remains were cremated and at her funeral service in Havana, Guillen Zelaya, Vice-President of ICAP, said that “from adolescence, Margarita dedicated her life to the revolution.” Lejarza was interred in the pantheon of Revolutionary Emigres in Colon Cemetery in Havana. She received a state funeral with floral offerings from Fidel Castro, Rene Rodriguez Cruz and other Communist officials.

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