Cuban Officer Held At Detention Centre Classed As Refugee 6

Major Ortelio Abrahantes

Major Ortelio Abrahantes


Tribune Chief Reporter, Tribune 242 (Bahamas)

THE CUBAN military officer being held at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre has been classified as a refugee by the United Nations, according to legal counsel for the detainee yesterday.

Lawyer David Alvarez confirmed to The Tribune that he is also in talks with a US federal agency, which has requested the approval of the Bahamas government to interview his client Mayor (Major) Ortelio Abrahantes.

After more than five months at the detention centre, Mr Alvarez said his client was optimistic for a possible resolution to the “political tug of war” over his life.

“It has been very frustrating,” he said, “it seems like he’s in a political tug-of-war, and he’s caught in the cross fire of what I’m trying to do, which is save his life, and the Cuban officials. He has a lot of information, sensitive information that may be of interest.” Mr Alvarez said: “the Bahamian government is in the middle of this, I know they have a relationship with both American and Cuban officials.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said yesterday that he had “no comment on the matter.”

Mr Abrahantes is said to be an officer of Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior, who has defected with sensitive information involving operations conducted by the Cuban government.

According to reports, Mr Abrahantes was taken to the Bahamas on March 27 after a sail boat he was aboard was intercepted by the US Coast Guard.

Requests for assistance from the UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) have been successful, according to Mr Alvarez, who said the agency has submitted their recommendations to the Bahamas government.

“(UNHCR) said my client classifies as a refugee and should not be sent back to Cuba for his own safety and in compliance with international law. They are also going to start asylum proceedings.”

Calls placed to UNHCR representative for the Bahamas, Katie Tobin, were not returned up to press time.

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  1. Mr Abrahantes was a member of the Ministry of the interior?and why is he coming to the US?What was his function within the MININT?Was he part of the Department 11 or the department 21?those departments of the MININT repressed the dissidence.Or was he part of the DI?The people are trying to come to the US,simply because they know that the Cuban
    regime may collapse any time and they don’t want to be caught in Cuba during this event,they rather be in the US where
    the rights of the citizens are respected.
    Is he related to the Abrahantes that died in a Cuban prison of a “Heart attack”?or is he another one of those sent to our shores
    trying to come up with stories to infiltrate our Government?Hmmmmn Why didn’t he deserted a decade ago?in Bahamas?Hmmn.Two many questions,right?

  2. Major Abrahantes is a guy who produced an ID from the DTI (a department from the police), but claims being a counterintelligence (CI) officer (a department from the Directorate of Intelligence). His “revelation” about a red Lada chasing and hitting Payá´s car disqualified him as liable source, since the very driver of the latter, the Spaniard Angel Carromero, stated it was a blue car. Moreover, Abrahantes said the CI from Holguin province was in charge of the chase, and Carromero was driving from province Las Tunas to province Bayamo without passing through Holguin. It makes no sense such a violation of jurisdiction inside the MININT. Another revelation is the same old song of Castro´s drug trafficking. Thus, this guy is another defector seeking attention by story telling.

  3. Our immigration services should be very careful extending Visas to this people,they need to be screen very carefully.I honestly
    doubt that this guy is a real defector,The MININT personnel are Castro’s henchmen,they are pigs and they don’t deserve to be trusted.

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