Alleged Cuba-Venezuela Spy Network Targets Maduro’s Opposition in Chile 3

 María Laura Liscano speaks out against the Castro regime’s harassment of the Venezuelan opposition in Chile. (Terra)

María Laura Liscano speaks out against the Castro regime’s harassment of the Venezuelan opposition in Chile. (Terra)

Activist María Liscano Condemns Espionage under Diplomatic Cover

Belén Marty, PanAm Post

On Tuesday, Venezuelan activist María Laura Liscano denounced Cuban espionage against opponents of the Nicolás Maduro regime who reside in Chile, following Monday’s report by Chilean television station Mega.

Liscano calls herself a spokesperson for Venezuelans in Chile, where she has lived the past four years since leaving her job as an intelligence analyst for the Venezuelan government.

The Mega report focuses on a Cuban national who claims to be an agent for a Cuban diplomat in Santiago, Chile. The individual claims the diplomat ordered him to infiltrate the leadership of Venezuelan opposition groups operating in Chile, and report on their activity.

“The espionage is coordinated by the Cuban embassy, and is directed at certain sectors in Chile that oppose Maduro. This is not the first time this has happened. In 2010, a Cuban leader in Chile denounced a similar practice being carried out against the Cuban community,” Liscano said.

The Venezuelan activist told the PanAm Post that she was surprised by the revelation that Cuban agents were focused on her: “It’s one thing to recognize that you are exposing yourself, but the reality [that they are spying on me] is another thing entirely.”

“We always knew that we were vulnerable to espionage; there have been many times when we were protesting, and people who are opposed to us would come and take pictures,” she said.

Liscano said she represents a nonpartisan Venezuelan community that share the same concerns expressed by student protesters who took to the streets in Venezuela in February.

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  1. Todos sabemos que el regimen asesino de los Hermanos Castro ha sido siempre una epidemia que afecta a todos sus enemigos en todo el Mundo, no solo en Chile.
    En los Estados Unidos es posiblemente donde mas infiltración hay debido a la inmensa cantidad de Cubanos exiliados activos en la lucha contra el comunismo adsemas de por ser este pais en PRINCIPAL ADVERSARIO POLITICO DE LA TIRANIA.

  2. EL asesino regimen Castrista con su lider,EL ALCHOLICO GENOCIDA RAUL CASTRO,estan haciendo todo lo posible por hacer latin america roja.Putin como siempre con la ayuda del los genocidas hermanos Castro quieren aumentar la influencia Rusa en America latina.Putin quiere en su afan de convertir a Rusia en superpotencia colaborar con la ignorante izquierda sur americana y los genocidas hermanos Castro como catalizadores para propulsar el anti americanismo en Sur y Centro America.Castro quiere penetrart las Universidades Norteamericanas para sembrar division dudas y discordias entre el alumnado y dividir la sociedad Norteamericana como lo hicieron en los Anos 60 con la influencia Castrista dentro del movimiento de derechos humano negro de los anos 60 en Estados Unidos.Es la labor de todo respetable ser humano de desemascarar las mentiras comunistas donde quiera que sea y de ser un veluarte de lucha contra el asesino sistema genocida comunista en cualquier parte del mundo.

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