Castro’s STASI-trained secret police sets up false twitter accounts,” says Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas 4

Humberto Fontova

Humberto Fontova

By Humberto Fontova, on BabaluBlog

From El Nuevo Herald:

“On his (genuine) Twitter account and on Youtube, Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas denounces the action of Cuban security of setting up a false twitter account for him as (@cocofariñas32) at the beginning of October.”

(His genuine twitter is @cocofarinas)

(“El opositor cubano Guillermo Fariñas denunció en su cuenta de Twitter, y en un video en You Tube, que la seguridad del estado cubano había creado una cuenta falsa a principios de octubre, @cocofariñas32, donde se mezclan Tweets reales con opiniones falsas.)

Here’s what Castro’s secret police is posting on Fariñas’ bogus twitter account:

Feature continues here: Cuban Regime’s Fake Twitter Accounts




  1. I don´t believe DSE would have taken care of setting up a fake twitter account for Fariñas in order to spread some lies, since Fariñas himself is enough for the task. Only Miami can swallow what he uses to say.

  2. The Castro repressive regime goes arms length to fight the opposition,this is credible.The Cuban government has sections to do the tasks of penetrating the dissidence in the Web.Their efforts are base to discredit their opposition,morally and politically,the Soviets operated the same way and the Cuban government as well as the Soviets has conducted the murder of dissidents in and out of Cuba.

    • It would be credible in case of an authentic opposition, but with such guys like Fariñas and so many others, discarded by Jonathan Farrar five years ago and currently involved only in PR actions, including tours abroad, there I no need to fight them. If the DSE takes part in such a fight, it´s for fun.

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