Mystery Cuban Spy Released to U.S. 4

CNN’s Joe Johns reports on the mysterious spy who was released by Cuba after nearly 20 years in prison.




  1. Mr Sarraf ironically was performing for the Cuban Intelligence the same job John Walker was performing for the US Navy.This man was influential in the arrest of the Cuban 5 and Ana Montes he did a good job.I bet Sarraf treatment by Cuban authorities were way different that the Cuban 5 were having in our prisons.If you look at the pictures the Cuban 5
    gained weight while in Federal prison they were well fed and were properly taken care off.Alan Gross was very skinny and
    was showing missing teeth.

  2. Villa Marista was a private School owned by the Marista brothers.The Castroids converted the school into the most sinister of their Interrogation centers.This center is notoriously known for the center of interrogation against the internal dissidence.

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