Chicago Tribune Laud’s Alberto Coll as “Chicago’s Cuba Expert” 4

Chicago Tribune writer, Melissa Harris

Chicago Tribune writer, Melissa Harris

By Chris Simmons

Disingenuous Chicago Tribune feature:  Chicago’s Cuba expert on the next steps for tourism, business

Fact-checking clearly isn’t a requirement at the Tribune, who’ve clearly forgotten that former Naval War College professor Alberto Coll was indicted following a counterespionage investigation. In 2005, Coll accepted a plea agreement in which he left Federal service, was striped of his security clearance, fined $5000, placed on probation, and banned from practicing law for a year. Coll’s lawyer, Francis Flanagan, indirectly acknowledged to the Associated Press his client was a (former) Naval Criminal Investigative Service source. Coll was regularly debriefed after his military-authorized visits to Cuba.

His indictment remains sealed.


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  2. This is nothing new.This an all effort by the Cuban repressive government to destroy the American Society from within.The Cuban Repressive government is trying to penetrate our society from its inner core,their Universities and then they will move on to other spheres such as government branches,agencies,etc.This plan has been put in play the same way the take over of Venezuela was conceived,from within the society.Planned and executed by the DI,the criminal organization MININT and its alcoholic leader Raul Castro.

  3. The Cuban Intelligent Services as well as their Russian friends has used Honey traps for decades.The Soviets devoted theri time and created Schools of espionage which emphasis was the Honey trap exploitations.In this manner the Soviets exploited many British leaders and other people of Interest.

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