The Laughable Duplicity of “Former” Cuban Spy Arturo Lopez-Levy 13

Former Spy Arturo López-Levy, now believed to be in his 8th year as a doctorate candidate.....

“Former” Spy Arturo López-Levy

By Chris Simmons

The Huffington Post disgraced itself again yesterday with another propaganda piece by admitted “former” Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer, Arturo Lopez-Levy. His feature, Why Senator Rubio’s Lies Matter,” condemned the Senator for a lack of ethics. Lopez-Levy attacked Rubio for having lied when he claimed his family fled the left-wing dictatorship of Fidel Castro when in reality they fled the right-wing dictatorship of General Fulgencio Batista. The “former” spy said this deception “shined a spotlight on the senator’s moral character.” Lopez-Levy then proceeded to make the outrageous claim that conservative Cuban-Americans (including Rubio) are former Batista supporters.

As ludicrous as Lopez-Levy’s statements are, the real hypocrisy is the layers of lies in which he has encased his own persona. The real name of this perpetual doctoral candidate (now believed to be in his 8th year of studies) is Arturo Lopez-Callejas. After all, this is the name he lived by for over 30 years in Cuba. The faux scholar also now denies his spy career, although he acknowledged his patriotic service to Fidel in his book, Raul Castro and the New Cuba: A Close-Up View of Change.

He also – innocently I’m sure – forgot to tell readers he is Raul Castro’s nephew-in-law. More specifically, he is the first cousin of Castro’s son-in-law, Brigadier General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Primo Lopez-Callejas. Rodriguez leads the Enterprise Administration Group (GAESA), placing him in command of Cuba’s entire tourism industry. According to the Miami Herald, “Rodriguez, married to Castro’s oldest daughter, Deborah Castro Espín, is widely viewed as one of the most powerful and ambitious men in Cuba — smart, arrogant, frugal and a highly effective administrator of GAESA.”  Herald reporter Juan Tamayo also noted that Deborah Castro’s brother is Alejandro Castro Espín, Castro’s chief intelligence advisor.

So to recap, the man who lies about his true name, his career, his family ties, and the privileged life he led in Cuba now has the cojones to question the integrity of another person?  Seriously????


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  2. Que tipo mas cretino! Arturo Lopez Levy is an imbecil! He should be accusing Castro for all the corruption,murders and destruction he had created in Cuba.No matter how bad Fugencio Batista has been or was he can never and will be never be equal to Castro. Castro has broken the record murdering Cuban and American citizens like any other dictator.Castro is a champion violating human rights and repressing ohh, and his brother is a champion drinking Vodka.

  3. Mr. Levy will continue to “study” for as many years as he is allowed to, because that is the best place to get to know vulnerable young students that he can then profile and refer to his contacts within Cuban intelligence for follow up and possible recruitment…

  4. The point of this story posted by Mr. Simmons is that anything this Mr. Arturo Lopez Levy says about Mr. Marco Rubio is totally wrong because of Mr. Simmons personal indictment of Mr. Arturo Lopez Levy on other accounts, nothing to do with Mr. Marco Rubio–the centerpiece of this story–and which accounts, I prefer not to consider because it would certainly shift the ground of attention from Marco Rubio to Lopez Levy. Spinning a central story about Marco Rubio is not the objective here, instead, is what is said about Mr. Marco Rubio correct or not. So fine, let me provide you, here and now, facts on Marco Rubio pursuant Mr. Rubio´s own record:

    1) He is not the son of Cuban exiles. He thinks. Maybe? Up until a while back, Marco Rubio described his parents as exiles from Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba: “In 1971, Marco was born in Miami to Cuban-born parents who came to America following Fidel Castro’s takeover,” his Senate biography stated. But it turns out his parents actually arrived in the US in 1956, before the revolution, and even made multiple trips back to the communist island. Rubio insisted he hadn’t known his family’s actual history, but polls showed most of his constituents thought he’d “embellished” his account.

    Things get even messier: According to a Rubio biography by Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia, Rubio’s grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia was an illegal immigrant to the United States. Disillusioned by his financial prospects in the United States, Rubio´s grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia reportedly left the United States for Cuba two weeks after Fidel Castro took power in 1959. He flew back to the States two years later without a visa…and was booked by a US immigration official, who stated: “[Y]ou do not appear to me to be clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to enter the United States.” Garcia was ordered deported, but instead he hung-out illegally in Miami, resurfacing in 1967 to petition for permanent residency. Even though Marco Rubio´s grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia had been in the US since 1962, “The form he filled out then states that he had been a Cuban refugee since February 1965,” according to Roig-Franzia.

    2) Marco Rubio´s immigration policies are…complicated. Rubio’s own vacillating positions on immigration parallel his grandfather’s back-and-forth homeland tryouts. He was one of the first Republicans nationwide to criticize Arizona’s SB1070, saying it would “unreasonably single out people who are here legally.” A week later, after some cosmetic changes were made to the law, Rubio said he would have voted for it. “Arizona’s going to do what’s in the best interest of the people of Arizona,” he said. “They have a right to do that, and I respect that.”

    He also has spoken out against “blanket legalization” of undocumented immigrants and opposed President Obama’s DREAM Act: “People in the United States who are here without documents should not benefit from programs like in-state tuition.” But —after joining Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, and after being attacked in a political ad that stated 91 percent of Hispanics favor the DREAM Act—Rubio vowed to write on his own version of the legislation. (Adam Serwer, has a rundown here on the Rubio DREAM Act’s weaknesses…and why it’s basically a canard.)

    3) He’s Mormon. And Catholic. And Protestant. And…Like most Cuban-American Floridians, Marco Rubio identifies himself as Catholic. But on moving with his family to Las Vegas in 1979, he converted to Mormonism. According to Roig-Franzia:

    Marco attended LDS youth groups and often walked to chapel with his family because his mother could not drive. The cousins idolized the Osmonds…”Marco, his sister, Veronica, and their cousin, Michelle, liked to perform Osmond songs at family get-togethers. [Rubio] was so entranced by the Osmonds that he joined [a]…trip to Provo, Utah, to tour the pop group’s recording studio.

    Marco Rubio claims he returned to the Catholic church as a teen, on his family’s return to Miami. But since his Senate run, he’s also been a regular parishioner at a non-denominational Baptist-affiliated megachurch—and he’s been happy to let both churches embrace him and his “faith journey.”

    In recent months, though, he’s even denied that Mormonism was ever an influence in his life: “When you’re eight years old you do what your parents tell you to do.” In a separate interview, his cousin Michelle Denis told Buzzfeed, “He could convince his mom to do anything,” adding, “He was totally into [Mormonism].”

    4) He’s a climate denier. Or an environmentalist. Or…As speaker of the Florida Legislature, Marco Rubio shepherded a landmark bill to limit greenhouse gas emissions, voiced caution about drilling off the Sunshine State’s coast, and argued that climate change was real. “Global warming, dependence on foreign sources of fuel, and capitalism have come together to create opportunities for us that were unimaginable just a few short years ago,” he told his House colleagues in 2007. Of drilling, he said it should only be done if it could be proven environmentally safe, and it wasn’t a silver bullet: “Even if we started drilling tomorrow morning, it could take close to 10 years before we start seeing the benefits.”

    But as soon as he jumped into the US Senate race, his love for Mother Earth faded. He stumped for a Palinesque pro-oil campaign called “Drill Here, Drill Now.” He ridiculed cap-and-trade emissions plans as “European-style” or “California-style” social engineering. And he attacked his Senate opponent, the moderate Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist, as “a believer in man-made global warming.” “I don’t think there’s the scientific evidence to justify it,” he told the Tampa Tribune.

    5) Marco Rubio charged a $134 haircut—or back wax?—to the GOP. Along with $109,000 of swag. For a fiscal conservative, Marco Rubio’s pretty liberal with money. When he was state House speaker, the Republican Party of Florida issued Marco Rubio and a few other party insiders corporate American Express cards…which they proceeded to burn up like a fresh can of Sterno…to the tune of $7.3 million. Marco Rubio’s charges included a $134 bill from Churchill’s, a Tony Miami hair salon “barbershop with $20 haircuts”; some critics have suggested Marco Rubio used his card to pay for some special depilatory treatments.

    Marco Rubio insists he repaid American Express for personal expenses amounting to $16,000, but that leaves $94,000 that the party picked up—including repairs to his family minivan, thousands for a personal car rental, a Disney World vacation, tons of air travel, and repeat trips to a convenience store around the corner from the Marco Rubio homestead. Politifact tried to parse out what the party paid for—a full listing of the charges is here—but the GOP’s paperwork was in disarray. IT DOESN´T HELP THAT THE STATE PARTY CHAIRMAN WENT TO PRISON FOR SKIMMING-OFF THE TOP FROM GOP ACCOUNTS.

    Mr. Simmons, take a good look at Marco Rubio, but do so independently, and you´ll conclude he´s not fit to be President of the United States, least claim in his campaign trail that his family´s extraction is of Cuban exiles who arrived in the U.S. after Fidel Castro became President of Cuba. Instead, his family arrived in Florida in 1956 three years before Castro´s ascent to power of the Cuban government. He will become President of the United States when hell freeze-over. I challenge you Mr. Simmons to deny any of the facts herein stated.

  5. No Ph.D. in 8 years? Anyone else would have been expelled from the program by now. A Ph.D. program is usually done in 4 years. No university will fund a student for more than 5 years. Lopez-Callejas probably did not pass his comprehensive exams and obviously has not done a doctoral dissertation.

  6. Would Senator Marco Rubio defeat Hillary Clinton, had he–by now–been the nominated Presidential candidate of the GOP in spite of what anybody would say about him including myself, regarding some issues about personal and professional ethics and conduct, which I memorialized above over sixteen months ago? Is this a relevant matter now? Does Hillary Clinton now face similar–although a bit more serious–public accusations as Marco Rubio faced sixteen months ago from Mr. Levy? Is this also “LAUGHABLE DUPLICITY” of accusatory issues now targeted against Hillary Clinton?

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