Kudos to CFR and NY Daily News For Covering Governor Cuomo’s Meeting With Expelled Cuban Spies 7

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, right, talks with Cuba’s Josefina Vidal, director general of the U.S. division at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, left, and Gustavo Machin, Cuba’s deputy chief of North American affairs, center, before a meeting with Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Trade Rodrigo Malmierca at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba, Monday, April 20, 2015. (Ramon Espinosa/Courtesy: Reuters)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, right, talks with Cuba’s Josefina Vidal, director general of the U.S. division at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, left, and Gustavo Machin, Cuba’s deputy chief of North American affairs, center, before a meeting with Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Trade Rodrigo Malmierca at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba, Monday, April 20, 2015. (Ramon Espinosa/Courtesy: Reuters)

Congratulations to NY Daily News journalist Glenn Blain and Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Elliott Abrams for having the courage to highlight Cuomo’s recent meetings with senior Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officers Gustavo Machin Gomez and Josefina Vidal. Well done!










  1. What Mr. Simmons? You say it takes “courage” for having covered what is just plain news and in the field of journalism to cover the news is the everyday job of any journalist. For your edification, “courage” is not what makes journalism flow through the media, but I love the false drama you want to create out of nothing and put into it, without “drama” being necessary for a circumstance that is part of the official posture of our nation: To restore diplomatic relations with the nation of Cuba.

    I say KUDOS to President Obama for having the initiative and vision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. To each its own.

    • Mr. Garrido – it does take courage to report what is contrary to the position of President Obama and his followers and how many of our leaders are manipulated by the Castro regime. By the way, please note that the official posture of our nation is also defined by its laws including The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996.

  2. Dr. de la Cova, apparently you didn´t read my prior answer to another related theme on this blog wherein I respond to your baseless and false accusation of I being a “Castro minion”. The answer was as follows and I stand by it as recorded here in quotes:

    “And who exactly are you referring to that according to you are “Castro´s minions” ?

    Why does Dr. Antonio de la Cova make a personal allegation as the result of someone´s opinion by accusing the person with a different opinion to his or Cuba confidential, to be a Castro “minion”, when such is totally void of intelligence and as low as their own pretensions. What´s the matter? Now a University professor wants to lecture in a public blog that in this great nation of the United States of America–where the preservation of first amendment rights is vernacular–there is only one way to think and only one form of expression. Only, perhaps, a Cuban American professor of biased and prejudiced thinking.

    Only a fool, would think and would call people who are very sophisticated and successful business people in our nation and a Governor of the State of New York “useful idiots” and worst by stooping so low as to state their “to be known” to be “useful idiots” and then when asked: who are these successful Americans known by to be “useful idiots” total silence.

    You Mr, Antonio de la Cova fit the description, through your written words–those words from you that are accusatory and declaratory–to be a Cuba Confidential, minion. I, however, am an independent Cuban American who is an independent thinker. Not everybody agrees with what Cuba Confidential states and that does not make everybody who doesn´t not agree with you or Cuba Confidential a “minion”. Have a real nice day Mr. Professor.”

    You go right ahead with your illegal threats and investigate me, all you want. I am an American citizen and know my rights. But apparently, you don´t respect other people´s rights of expression and when a United States citizen doesn´t agree with you resort to make false slander defamation, both punishable under the laws of the United States of America.

    Know this Dr. de la Cova: The communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image.” is considered slander and libel. Go ahead and accuse me of being a “Castro minion”. Wouldn´t the Dean of the higher education institution where you teach, like to know how you comport yourself in a public blog protected under First Amendment Rights of this great nation of the United States of America, with a copy to the Board of Trustees. Useless nonsense. Stick to the facts here expressed and debate them, absent of slander, libel and insult on your part. I find it despicable anyone should call “useful idiots”, the executives and seasoned business people and professionals such as the Governor of the States of New York that traveled to Cuba recently. Your are a barrel of laughs. I once had a Professor in college who expressed himself that way, as you do, when in college he said: “The day there´s Spanish language Miami Herald newspaper in Miami, I won´t be here. I raised my hand and said: Sir, with all due respect, but if demographic figures of the Census Bureau are correct you have about 72 months left in sunny Miami. less than 72 months later El Nuevo Herald initiated publication. I was working at the law firm of Paul and Thomson in Miami as a seventeen year old messenger boy. One of the things I learned while at that law firm is the right to reply law; a Supreme Court decision based on Tornillo vs.the Miami Herald, which that law firm won in the highest court of the land. The more lies are said on this blog the more truths I´m going to offer. If you call that hysteria you judge by your own hysterical condition of bullying American citizens to think as you do. That, sir. in un-American.

  3. This lamentable event re-enforce my determination to fight against communism. When those around you, do wrong things don’t be contaminated and continue to be the same person you were. I will follow my ideals which are the same ideals embraced by our forefathers which were to respect the constitution of the United States of America and to defend it at all cost against foreign and domestic enemies. Things like this don’t surprise me. There are many Castro- communists that should have never been here in the United States of America and there are others that should be incarcerated and are teaching on our Universities indoctrinating our youth.

  4. When he took office as the 40th president of the United States in January, 1981, Ronald Reagan was convinced of two things that much of the world doubted: communism would disappear and free markets offered the most effective method for organizing economic life. History proved him right – with some assistance from Reagan himself.

    A quarter century ago the global conflict between the free world and its Communist adversaries seemed destined to last indefinitely, with neither side willing to surrender to nor able to conquer the other. Reagan, however, considered communism to be not only dangerous and, as he called the Soviet Union itself, evil, but also transient. He believed that the Cold War could be won. A mere three years after he left office, Marxism-Leninism had ceased to be the ruling ideology of any country in Europe.

    Of all the participants in the events that brought European communism to an end, the one who contributed most to this outcome was Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union. It was his reforms that – partly deliberately and partly contrary to his wishes – set in motion the events that culminated in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    And Reagan’s predecessors as well as his successor also played important roles. The policy of relaxing tensions with the Communist world known as detente, which was inaugurated by Richard Nixon and carried forward by Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and opposed by Reagan, helped to open the closed Communist societies (as President Barack Obama has done today) wide enough for Western ideas to enter, ideas that influenced Gorbachev and his colleagues as they implemented his reforms. And the skillful diplomacy of George H. W. Bush, Reagan’s vice president and successor as president, helped make the collapse of communism a miraculously peaceful affair.

    But Reagan’s staunch and often-stated belief that Western values would prevail in the confrontation with communism, the major increase in the American armed forces he advocated that aggravated the Soviet Union’s economic difficulties by raising the cost of the arms race with the United States, and his early recognition that Gorbachev was a different kind of Soviet leader – one with whom he could make mutually beneficial agreements – all contributed to the end of the Cold War, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transformation – very much for the better – of international politics.

    As a prophet of the triumph of the free market, Reagan shares credit with his colleague and political ally, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain. His policies of tax-cutting and reducing the governmment’s regulation of business were controversial during his time in office and in retrospect not all of them seem entirely wise (especially when on considers what happened with the U.S. economic collapse that got President Barack Obama elected into office).

    But his faith in individual initiative and ingenuity, harnessed by the institutions of the market, as the great engine of prosperity, has been vindicated by the events of the last quarter century: the sterling performance of the American economy and the rapid economic growth in other countries, some of them previously very poor. The economic successes of many countries in Asia, and especially China, in the last decades of the 20th century and into the 21st came about through an emphasis on the institutions and values that Reagan championed. OPEN THE MARKETS!!!!! As Cuba is about to be opened today.

    As with the end of communism (I don´t know where the Freedom Seeker here gets the idea he´s continuing to fight communism a non existing doctrine) , Ronald Reagan did not achieve the triumph of the market single-handedly. Deep and powerful social, economic and political forces were at work in both cases. But he recognized and encouraged these forces.

    It was once put to the great physicist Ernest Rutherford that he had been fortunate to “ride the wave” of discoveries in his field in the early part of the 20th century. “But I made the wave, didn’t I?” he replied.

    Ronald Reagan did not make the wave himself. The tides of history, like those in the natural world, cannot be summoned by politicians. But he helped the wave along. That is his legacy; and it is a considerable one.

    Let´s get real here. As Forbes magazine has in its slogan: “Capitalist Tool” because the magazine positions itself with the reading public as a tool of information used by capitalists, the United States has its own tool for its precious ideals and that is: “The Free Enterprise System”. The moment this ideal is imbedded in people´s conscience, it´s over democracy sets in. Oh! and don´t make the mistake to think that the Free Enterprise system has existed in Latin America as in the United States, because it has not. Therein lies the genesis of the problem throughout Latin America, which has paved the way to revolutions making it all the worse. Let us think before we think the world is black and white and right and wrong.

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