Take Cuba Off the State Sponsors of Terrorism List? 7

 FARC and government negotiators at a news conference in Havana on 16 May, 2014

FARC and government negotiators at a news conference in Havana on 16 May, 2014

By George Phillips, InterAmerican Security Watch

Let us not give Castro the resources he needs to continue his regime’s 56-year reign of terror on his own people, and his continued support for terrorists and terrorist states.

To enrich and solidify that dictatorship at this time only prevents the Cuban people from being able to forge a better life through elections in a few years, now that they are finally “on the one-yard line,” when the Castro brothers, now in their eighties, could simply be left to their natural, un-bankrolled, ends. In a dictatorship such as this, only the dictators benefit.

As Sonia Alvarez Campillo was leaving Catholic Mass on July 14, 2013 with fellow members of Ladies in White, her pro-democracy organization, she was assaulted by Raul Castro’s agents.

These “security” agents broke Alvarez Campillo’s wrist as well as her husband’s ribs in their attack on her and other members of her group.

Sunday after Sunday in Cuba, the Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco) — members of a movement started in 2003 by wives and other female relatives of jailed dissidents in Cuba — have peacefully demonstrated for freedom and human rights in cities across Cuba. They have continually been harassed, beaten, and imprisoned in Raul Castro’s Cuba.

In an attack just two months ago, Lady in White member Digna Rodriquez Ibañez was pelted with tar by agents of the regime.

The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation – an organization of Cuban dissidents that the Castro regime claims is illegal — reported that in 2014 alone, 1,810 members of the Ladies in White were detained. The detentions of these extraordinary women are among the total of 8,899 detentions evidently designed to crush political dissent. That figure represents a 27% rise from the previous year.

Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero were leaders of the Christian Liberation Movement, a political party opposed to Castro’s Communist Party.

In July of 2012, Cuban state security agents allegedly murdered Paya and Cepero by ramming into their car and running them off the road, where they crashed and died.

The Cuban government officially claims the crash was an accident. But, as documented in the U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report for 2013, when David Gonzalez Peres, another leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, was arrested, Cuban officials at the jail warned him about what happened to Paya.

Paya and Cepero were most likely murdered for trying to change a system in which all 612 candidates in a recent Cuban election were members of the Communist Party and ran unopposed, and in which all other candidates had been rejected by the regime.

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  1. Let’s keep Cuba on the terrorist list as long as the Communists are in power of that country. The Cuban government for decades has trained,abetted terrorist groups and its members in the island.The Cuban government has been involved in the trafficking of firearms and has supported guerrillas such as Farc,the montoneros, the weathermen, Sendero luminoso in Peru and many other terrorist groups in Africa,the middle east and Central and South America. Cuba help the Grenadian leader Maurice Bishop to install a communist government in this Caribbean island where the Cuban Army engineers were building a military airport to transport Cuban troops from Africa to Cuba and arms shipments from Cuba to Central and South American Guerrilla groups. Cuba tried to illegally send arms shipments to North Korea and China illegally tried to send arms shipments to Cuba with the Cuban communist government approval. The Cuban government has created bases of cyber warfare in the former Soviet base of Lourdes and the Cuban base of Bejucal with the means of illegally obtaining information from main land US. The Cuban government has sent its spies to collect information and to try to infiltrate US installations in mainland US and also the Cuban government has sent its agents into US colleges and Universities to subvert our youth.
    Cuba should be kept in the terrorists list as a nation that sponsor terrorism. The Cuban regime history as a terrorist nation is a proven fact.

  2. The Cuban terrorism is dead on both sides of the Florida Straits. It’s an old story. Cuban exiles are now peaceful talkers and Cuban Castroites are seeking now money, not a continental revolution. Let’s be serious: from this list a country can be erased as it could be included. Espionage, illegal shipments to North Korea and form China have nothing to do with terrorism.

    • On point. The world, in general, has started a new phase with a foreign policy composition make-up among countries that will produce leaders that choose to amalgamate alliances; the evolved executional vehicle by nations to preserve their autochthonous cultural identity, yet, while maintaining a geographic nationalism to help diminish the impact of demographic population shifts started over 40 years ago with the advancement of civilization in areas of transportation, communication and technology, which has made the planet significantly smaller and way faster in its daily living standard. The elements that give life to true “political science” at work. Yet, notwithstanding, which with the help of such foreign policies will gradually transform the world into a world order. Natural resources, technology and urbanism will be valuable “primers”. I am reminded that on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 Apollo 11 descended on the moon´s surface. It will be 46 years since that event on this year 2015. In contrast, during the last 46 years planet earth´s human civilization has evolved its technocratic and socio-political awareness advancement–by comparison–more than in all of its history. The modern word ‘political’ derives from the Greek politikos, ‘of, or pertaining to, the polis’. (The Greek term polis is translated as ‘city-state’. It is also translated as ‘city’ or ‘polis’, or simply anglicized as ‘polis’. City-states like Athens and Sparta were relatively small and cohesive units, in which political, religious, and cultural concerns were intertwined. By comparison, the world today is an ample composite of the genesis of the organization of man. Aristotle describes his subject matter as “political science”, which he characterizes as the most authoritative science. It prescribes which sciences are to be studied in the city-state, and the others — such as military science, household management, and rhetoric — fall under its authority. Since it governs the other practical sciences, their ends serve as means to its end, which is nothing less than the human good. “Even if the end is the same for an individual and for a city-state, that of the city-state seems at any rate greater and more complete to attain and preserve. For although it is worthy to attain it for only an individual, it is nobler and more divine to do so for a nation or city-state” (EN I.2.1094b7-10). Such is the business of nations, and nations have now determined that with the “closeness attained by mankind at all levels of this planet” influenced by the rapid advancement of technology, “attainment” and “preservation” will now be linked to a future new world order status for man´s own survival. “Terrorism” is the antithesis of such world order to gradually come. This is my opinion and the aforementioned is the supportive documentation. No personal attacks or dramas please because I have an opinion.

  3. It is sad Chris to see all these politics by this administration, but what can you do? It is our President, I guess the world is turning to the left. I have no other place to go. I will probably die in this great country without seen Cuba Free. Marcos F Pinedo

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