Purdue Professor “Lifts” Images From Academic Website Without Attribution – Insists It’s Not Plagiarism 6

Lopez_F14By Chris Simmons

In his recent work on Jose Marti, Purdue University English Professor, Alfred Lopez, borrowed images from the website “Latin American Studies.” In existence since 1997, this site was created and is run by University of South Carolina Professor, Dr. Antonio “Tony” Rafael de la Cova. The two images used by Professor Lopez are birth and death certificates available online only on Dr. de la Cova’s site. Lopez concedes taking the images, but denies any misconduct. A very interesting dialogue on plagiarism, defamation, and what constitutes a “public record” can be found here:  Dr. de la Cova vs Professor Lopez



  1. Heh. The truly “final” document here, which Dr. de la Cova pointedly excludes from his otherwise exhaustive compilation, is Babalu Blog’s retraction for having posted his nonsensical accusation in a June 5 article. Babalu’s editors had the sense to remove the defamatory article and publish a retraction after reading my response and that of my attorney.

    Dr. de la Cova’s claims are now pretty clearly discredited at Babalu. This is probably why he now seeks new outlets for them. I doubt Mr. Simmons has been informed of this little document, else he might not have given Dr. de la Cova a platform either.

    Here’s the link to Babalu’s July 14 retraction: http://babalublog.com/2015/07/14/retractions/

  2. Prof. Alfred Lopez had his attorney intimidate Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu blog who then decided to cut and run to avoid a costly legal fight. Babalu already had a reputation for twice previously fleeing from legal threats by Castro agents and making retractions. I held my ground, reiterated my claims, and challenged Dr. Lopez and his attorney to bring it on. They followed Babalu’s example and quickly silently retreated. Four months have passed and the threatened legal action, like the six previous ones I received from his pro-Castro colleagues, never materialized. I enjoyed spending the $400 check Lopez’s press sent me and I am sure that the professor will be very bitter if his book his published in paperback and he sees that the press will credit the images to my website, as they agreed to do. http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/academic/Alfred_Lopez_plagiarism.pdf

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