The Face of Cuban Propaganda Under “Normalization” 2

Expelled Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officers Josefina Vidal and Gustavo Machin led the Cuban delegation in yesterday’s normalization tallk in Havana. Photo: MINREX

Expelled Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officers Josefina Vidal and Gustavo Machin were center stage as they headed the Cuban delegation in yesterday’s normalization tallks in Havana. Photo: MINREX reports Havana is adamant that “normalization would not happen as long as the economic blockade against Cuba stays on, as long as the US maintains its naval base in Guantanamo and as long as Cuba is not compensated for the economic damage caused by decades of hostility.”

Reuters reports Cuba is aggressively pushing a claim for more than $300 billion in economic damages because it understands “President Barack Obama is attempting to advance normalization as much as possible before his second and final term ends in January 2017.”  

Meanwhile, the Cuban News Agency (ACN) continues its unfettered loathing of Cuban exiles in features like “Miami Anti-Cuban Mafia Rejects Reopening of Cuban Embassy in the U.S.”

“We are going to have diplomatic relations with the United States without having ceded one iota.” — Gerardo Hernandez, Cuban spy who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison by a U.S. federal court for the murder conspiracy of Americans, thereafter commuted and released by President Obama as part of his one-sided deal with Raul Castro [Courtesy: Capitol Hill Cubans]



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  2. We should not normalize the relations until the Castro regime begins conducting free multiparty elections. The alcoholic dictator Raul Castro is very demanding but I never see him doing anything to resolve the Cuban dilemma, The Cuban regime is freeing the political prisoners and sending them to Spain and there those prisoners are monitored by the Cuban agents in Spain and by the Spanish pro Castro government. Our government should not continue making more concessions to a dictator. Castro wants t he releasing of the embargo so his corrupt family can become richer. The Cuban regime is maintaining very strong ties with Putin which is escalating tension with our government and the Cuban archipelago is within Putin’s area of interest for its proximity to the US. Our authorities should keep a watchful eye on the Cuban espionage on our soil and its cooperation with the Russian espionage. I would not be surprise if Putin will end up sending troops to Cuba to put pressure on our country. If the Obama administration will concede Raul’s petition and lift the embargo what is going to be next? The return of the Naval base to Castro which will endangered the safety of our nation. Raul want us out of Gitmo so in this way he will be free to move the Russians on Cuban soil without having the pressure of having US Naval personnel at Gitmo. In another words,the Cuban regime wants gitmo so they can move the Russian in to plan any plot against the US from the Cuban soil without the menace of having their enemies stationed at gitmo. NO MORE APPEASING TO A DICTATOR THAT IS OUR ENEMY AND CARE LESS ABOUT BECOMING OUR FRIEND.WAKE UP AMERICA CASTRO CORRUPT REGIME IS NOT OUR FRIEND!

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