Cuban Military is in Syria; Can Havana’s Spies be Far Behind? 5

Castro_KhruCuba is Intervening in Syria to Help Russia: Its Not the First Time

By James Bloodworth in The Daily Beast:

Reports that Cuban forces are now fighting in Syria follow a long history of the Castro brothers working closely with their patrons in Moscow.

Not for the first time Cuban forces are doing Russia’s dirty work, this time in Syria. On Wednesday it was reported that a U.S. official had confirmed to Fox News that Cuban paramilitary and Special Forces units were on the ground in Syria. Reportedly transported to the region in Russian planes, the Cubans are rumoured to be experts at operating Russian tanks.

For President Obama, who has staked his legacy on rapprochement with America’s adversaries, the entrance of Cuba into the bloody Syrian civil is one more embarrassment. Russia, Iran and Cuba—three regimes which Obama has sought to bring in from the cold—are now helping to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad, ruler of a fourth regime he also tried in vain to court early on in his presidency. Obama has been holding his hand out in a gesture of goodwill to America’s adversaries only for them to blow him a raspberry back in his face—while standing atop a pile of Syrian corpses.

Yet for seasoned Cuba-watchers the entrance of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces into the Syrian civil war is a surprise but hardly a shock. A surprise because Cuba was forced two decades ago to curtail its military adventurism by a deteriorating economy (the Cuban military has been reduced by 80 per cent since 1991).

Largely thanks to the involvement of Cuban troops in the fight against Apartheid South African in Angola in the 70s and 80s (not to mention the more recent medical “missions” to disaster-stricken parts of the world) Cuba has gained something of a reputation for internationalism. At one point the Cuban presence in Angola reached 55,000 soldiers, inflicting a defeat on South African forces which helped precipitate the end of Apartheid. “The [Cuban army’s] decisive defeat of the aggressive apartheid forces [in Angola] destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the white oppressor,” Mandela told the Cuban leader on a visit to Havana in 1991.

In recent years Angola has lent the Castro regime a romantic penumbra which says that, for all its faults, the Cuban revolution is on balance progressive (watch the film Comandante by the ludicrous Oliver Stone to get a sense of what I mean). Yet while everyone remembers Cuban heroics in Angola, few remembers Cuban terror in Ethiopia.

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  1. The original “report” came from ICCAS, so you can dismiss it beyond any reasonable doubt, since Suchlicki´s Task Force has abandon its due academic diligence long time ago and nowadays clings to any media circus to survive in the media space.

  2. Jaime Suchlicki previously had ties to the CIA covert station at the University of Miami and is rumored to have MOSSAD links. True, his ICCAS is mostly comprised of academic lightweights and improvised “scholars” with questionable credentials and has suffered an economic downturn.

  3. We must understand that the Castro regime does not has any interest in negotiating with the United States much less been its friend. Three times the US has tried to begin negotiation to lift the Cuban embargp. The first time Jimmy Carter tried to lift the embargo and during the negotiations,Castro sent the Mariel boat lift.The second time president Clinton administration tried to negotiate with Castro the lifting of the embargo and Castro shot down the brothers to the rescue airplanes and the last time Obama tried to negotiated with the Castro regime the lifting of the embargo and Castro sent Cuban troops to fight in Syria. Castro got away with what he was looking for the release of the remaining three spies. Castro is looking for the return of the Guantanamo naval base to Cuba and the release of Ana Montes,. Like I have say before appeasement is not the solution. Our government should adopt a policy of contention not a policy of appeasement.Castro with his actions is returning to the cold war and he should be treated as such.

    • This is an old story. Castro will never be a U.S. friend, but he did negotiate because he needs it nowadays. The Cuban troops in Syria is simply a by-product generated by such a dysfunctional academy like ICCAS.

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