Dropping The Mask: Castro Spy Writes Foreword to Canadian Academic’s “Impartial” Book on the Cuban Five 8

By Chris SimmonsComrade Kimber

‘What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five’ is a fascinating piece of fiction by Castro apologist Stephen Kimber. Despite objective reviews which found his research unencumbered by facts, the Canadian writer has long sworn his manifesto is accurate and balanced. At long last, the charade is over. Comrade Kimber is currently in Havana celebrating the Spanish-language release of his work, with a new foreword by convicted spy René González, who described the novel as “the best written treatise on the case.  The Castro regime’s enduring love for Kimber was further demonstrated during Wednesday’s presentation at the University of Havana, when Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada – who served as Cuba’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations for nearly three decades – served as the keynote speaker.



  1. We all know that for Castro and his cronies,the release of the Convicted spies was a political drama. He needed a political victory to show his repress people that even though his regime is falling in obsolescence he still can somehow to stay in control of politics. The regime needs many people like Stephen Kimber to deceive his population to believe in lies and to keep them controlled. These useful idiots are the same ones that spread the word that Castro had won the battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola when it was shown that it was quite the opposite,the communist system base its control in false propaganda which is primary to the repression terror and control of the masses. I sincerely love for someone to write a book on the subject which would explain what really happened regarding the capture and prosecution of the Black Wasp spy network.

      • Fascinating. When you thought I was in Havana for the book launch, it was clear evidence — “dropping the mask” — I was a “Castro apologist… Comrade Kimber is currently in Havana celebrating..”

        When you were told I wasn’t there, it became clear evidence I didn’t take “enough pride” in my work to be present.

        It’s good to know facts don’t matter to you. Whatever they might be, you can make them fit your pre-conceived narrative!

      • Mr. Kimber – “dropping the mask” refers to a convicted Cuban spy writing the foreword to your book. Such a public endorsement by the regime seems to shred any claim of your research being “balanced.”

        On a related note, welcome to CUBA CONFIDENTIAL. I look forward to your offerings — including guest posts if you are so inclined.

      • We need a real book about the arrest,prosecution indictment of the members of the black wasp network. Mr Kimber’s book is not bringing the truth.This book is doing nothing more than covering another LIE! and thanks to people like Kimber this despicable regime has been able to stay in power expanding its terrorist acts and murdering Cubans.Why? because communist know that propaganda is a useful tool whenever its used in favor of their cause and Kimber is contributing with the Cuban system writing a book that is concealing the real origin behind the black wasp network.To those who have suffered under communism,not only Cubans but also Eastern Europeans and others,a book that is written in lieu of a murderous regime to please a murderous regime agenda is despicable and irrelevant.

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  3. Mr Kimber is doing nothing more than expanding the act of disinformation and pleasing the Castro regime communist propaganda. Instead of expending a vane effort in trying to defend a lost cause,He should try to expose the criminal Wasp spy network and the real players behind this network and the real regime the Black wasp network was representing and defending.

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