“Former” Spy to Advocate for More Trade With Havana at December’s “US-Cuba Legal Summit” in New York 3

Former Spy Arturo López-Levy

Former Spy Arturo López-Levy

By Chris Simmons

On December 1st, the US-Cuba Legal Summit 2015 will convene at the University Club in New York City. Featured speakers include lawyers, a single US government official, pro-trade advocates and self-professed “former” Directorate of Intelligence (DI) spy, Arturo Lopez Levy.

Its published agenda insists “The U.S. Cuba Legal Summit looks to provide a platform for U.S. in-house counsel to investigate the legal system in Cuba with a sharp eye to potential pluses and minuses when opening lines of communications.” Which begs the question, why is Castro lackey Arturo Lopez Levy a panelist?

The real name of this faux “scholar” is Arturo Lopez-Callejas, the name he was known by for over 30 years. Additionally, he acknowledges his spy career in his book, Raul Castro and the New Cuba: A Close-Up View of Change. In the spirit of open disclosure, I hope attendees are advised that Lopez-Callejas is a nephew-in-law to Cuban dictator Raul Castro. More specifically, he is the first cousin of Castro’s son-in-law, Brigadier General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Primo Lopez-Callejas. General Rodriguez heads the Enterprise Administration Group (GAESA), placing him in charge of Cuba’s entire tourism sector.

The Miami Herald reported “Rodriguez, married to Castro’s oldest daughter, Deborah Castro Espín, is widely viewed as one of the most powerful and ambitious men in Cuba — smart, arrogant, frugal and a highly effective administrator of GAESA.” Retired Herald reporter Juan Tamayo also noted that Deborah Castro’s brother is Alejandro Castro Espín, Castro’s chief intelligence advisor.

Congratulations to Summit officials for a thorough vetting process. I’m sure Lopez-Callejas would never exploit such a lucrative opportunity to personally enrich his extended family and sustain a regime to which he pledged his life.


  1. Arturo Lopez-Levy is puffing himself up at the conference by falsely claiming that he is a “professor” at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. The university’s website lists him as a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science.
    His latest article last month in the Huffington Post identified him as a “Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate, University of Denver.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arturo-lopez-levy/the-florida-sunsentinel-i_b_8423886.html
    He was previously a a lecturer at the University of Denver and a visiting lecturer at Mills College in Oakland, California.
    Lopez-Whatever has been a professional student for about a decade, which is twice the time it takes for a doctoral candidate to earn their degree unless they have failed the comprehensive exams or have not completed their dissertation, as in this case.
    All that moving around between Colorado, California and Texas, to work for a Lecturer’s salary, about $2,500 to $3,000 for a four-month semester, plus all the travel he does to conferences and activities, indicates that someone is bankrolling him.

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