How Cuba Got Our Missile 4

A Hellfire missile with sensitive US technology somehow ended up in Cuba - Business Insider

A Hellfire missile with sensitive US technology somehow ended up in Cuba – Business Insider

The Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) A powerful U.S. air-to-ground missile whose design and electronics are a military secret has ended up in the hands of the Cuban government through a series of bizarre mishaps or deliberate theft that could be the plot for a Cold War comedy — or something much darker.

The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. officials fear that whether it got the missile by accident or design, the Cuban government has likely shared its secrets with countries like China, North Korea or Russia, and that copies could soon turn up on the international arms market.

Despite thawing U.S. relations with Cuba, the State Department has reportedly been unable to get the missile back or find out what happened to it.

According to the Journal, an unarmed version of the Hellfire air-to-ground missile, designed to kill tanks, was loaned by its manufacturer, Lockheed-Martin, to NATO for a training exercise in Spain. It was supposed to be returned by air from Madrid via Frankfurt, Germany, but its clearly marked shipping case somehow ended up going to Paris where it was loaded on an Air France flight to Havana, and there it vanished.

The FBI and U.S. intelligence agents are still trying to figure out whether the diversion of the missile to Cuba was purely accidental or a clever Cuban intelligence coup.

Article continues here: Did Cuba Steal US Missile?



  1. Either way it’s incompetence yet what history has proven is things are not as they seem. Accident would be it didn’t make its scheduled time to depart, this wreaks of more.
    A highly sophisticated military weapon ends up in the hands of an 56 year old enemy that is strong allies with our enemies not to mentioned Castro’s Cuba specializes in selling intelligence they steal from the U.S.
    One thing is for sure, I thank my maker for the defenders of what our forefathers worked hard to establish.
    I thank the men as the one who helps keep light on these issues. I thank Mr. Chris Simmons

  2. We can expect to see the Hellfire missile in the Museum of the Revolution in a few years. The North Koreans still have the USS Pueblo that they hijacked in January 1968 and have turned it into a museum piece at the Pyongyang Victorious War Museum.

  3. Dear Chris….my opinion published in Radio Marti Noticias in Miami…Sorry but it was in Spanish…por:: Dr Jose Acosta De:: Priceton.Fl

    enero09, 2016 11:07


    Detras de esta”Casualidades “…siempre estan Operaciones Especiales de Servicios Secretos o deInteligencia. Si se sigue la ruta del Misil con Criterio Operativo se podraaveriguar que paso desde que se utilizo..pasando por ” distintas compañíasde transporte” hasta que llego a Cuba….o alguien se lo mando a Cuba…oCuba lo trajo..y para lo que lo querian ya lo usaron…para que pedir que lodevuelvan….simpre queriendonos pasar por tontos estoa americanos de la CIA

    May be just may be was part of the DEAL betwen Obama administration and the BRUTAL CASTRO restore diplomatic relations.
    MISTAKE only a DUMB IDIOT can believe that.

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