Director of National Intelligence Tells Congress: Russia, China, Iran & Cuba Pose Greatest Espionage Threat to US 2

General James R. Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

General James R. Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

In testimony yesterday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General James R. Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, said (in part):

Moving to counterintelligence, the threat from foreign intelligence entities, both state and nonstate, is persistent, complex, and evolving. Targeting and collection of US political, military, economic, and technical information by foreign intelligence services continues unabated. Russia and China pose the greatest threat, followed by Iran and Cuba on a lesser scale. As well, the threat from insiders taking advantage of their access to collect and remove sensitive national security information will remain a persistent challenge for us.”

Complete testimony here:  DNI Testimony



  1. Talking about Cuba, there is an effort by the Cuban government in obtaining the Guantanamo naval base for the simple reason that Castro know that having the base will result in earning income. The Cuban government would make the base accessible to the Russians. The Russians in exchange will rent the base to the Cubans and they will provide the Cubans with the technology to run its operations as well as other concessions, such as intelligence cooperation, weaponry, etc. Cuba has the potential and has shown its potential to penetrate governments from within. Venezuela was penetrated through propaganda on which its leader Hugo Chavez was recruited since the late 1980’s. Chile was during the 1970’s penetrated and a communist leader was put in power by the Cubans,Salvador Allende, Nicaragua,El Salvador,Argentina,Ecuador,Bolivia have been penetrated by Cuban Intelligence. Cuba have been placing an effort in creating a South American communist coalition to interfere the interests of the united States of America in the region and tilt these countries approval towards the Russians of which Cuba is a proxy. The Russians will benefit from this coalition by having an steady market to their military sales. The Russians will also benefit from these coalition by exploiting the natural resources of these countries as well as having them as allies in case they go to war with the west. Cuba has been a constant threat to the safety of our nation and it always be while the Castro regime is in power of the island.

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