20 Years Ago Today: Cuban Military Kills 4 Americans As Part Of “Operation Scorpion” 4

Radio communications of the MiG29 responsible for the February 24, 1996 Brothers to the Rescue shoot down with the control tower in Cuba as the attack occurred killing Armando Alejandre Jr. (45 years old), Carlos Alberto Costa (29), Mario Manuel de la Peña (24), and Pablo Morales (29).

Editor’s Note:  “Operation Scorpion” was a joint mission conducted by the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and the Cuban Air Force. Approved at the highest levels of the Castro regime, the operation involved months of planning and espionage work. The two unarmed search-and-rescue aircraft were shot down in international airspace. The mission of Brothers to the Rescue was saving rafters who had fled Cuba.


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  2. Mr Simmons, after I listened to the radio conversation from the Migs during the shoot down of these airplanes I felt disgusted. The Cuban pilots were celebrating like they had shot down an enemy fighter jet. I know that someday justice will prevail and My mother will rejoice knowing that those bastard who murdered and tortured political prisoners like my father, were brought to face justice. These two Cuban pilots are not any different. They are murderers that one day will also pay for their crimes. Life is like a restaurant, no one leave without paying.

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