IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: President Obama Posed In Front of The Ministry of the Interior, From Where All Repression in Cuba is Orchestrated 2

President Obama Enjoys a Photo Op in front the Ministry of the Interior (MININT)

President Obama Enjoys a Photo Op in front the Ministry of the Interior (MININT)

Obama’s Photo Op With Che Guevara Wasn’t The Worst Thing About The Picture

By Hank Berrien, The Daily Wire

After President Obama posed for a picture in Cuba in front of a giant mural honoring the murderous Che Guevara, outrage erupted in the Twittersphere.

But it’s worse than that.

As Ethan Epstein of The Weekly Standard points out, the mural in the Plaza de la Revolucion is painted on the wall of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, which runs the National Revolutionary Police, Cuba’s version of the secret police. writes, “The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), which was modeled on the Soviet KGB, rivaled the East German Stasi for effectiveness and ruthlessness.”

Former Cuban Interior Minister Abelardo Colomé Ibarra has been described by the Miami Herald as “one of the island’s most powerful and feared figures.” As Yoani Sanchez, the publisher of 14ymedio, an independent newspaper in Cuba, wrote in The Huffington Post, “How can a citizen protect himself from a State that has the police, the courts, the rapid response brigades, the mass media, the capacity to defame and lie, the power to socially lynch him and turn him into someone defeated and apologetic?” Sanchez has written that she has been kidnaped and beaten by plainclothes State Security agents.

Human Rights Watch offered a report on the Cuban government’s repression. It stated:

The Interior Ministry has principal responsibility for monitoring the Cuban population for signs of dissent. Reportedly, the ministry employs two central offices for this purpose: the General Directorate of Counter-Intelligence (sic) and the General Directorate of Internal Order. The former supervises ……

Feature Continues Here:  How to Crush a Dissent’s Hope With One Photo



  1. General Abelardo Colome Ibarra was a member of the Castro guerrillas very close to Fidel Castro in Sierra Maestra. This man was one of the founders of the criminal organization MININT together with Raul Castro,Ramiro Valdez and others. A son of general Ibarra is the owner of the Cuban restaurant ‘EL PALADAR”., In habana. He was divorced twice and his ex-wives have been living in Florida for years. The Cubans called Ibarra, “El desmayado” “The fainted”. My father told me that when Ibarra was in the Guerrilla he fired a grenade from a Garand rifle using a full metal jacket round instead of a blank. The grenade exploded and shrapnel from the grenade lodged inside of his brain causing him to occasionally faint. This man is evil, he was replaced by general Gondin the Sinister chief of the Cuban intelligence, Gondin is on the hot sit due to a recent leaking of information in the MININT for which he was reprimanded and ended up in the hospital.General Ibarra was feared and hated by the Cuban dissidence. The Cuban criminal organization MININT it is responsible for the murder of thousand of Cubans in Cuban prisons and in Villa Marista in habana. General Ibarra and General Ramiro Valdez have been icons of the Cuban regime repressive agenda.

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