The Most Dangerous U.S. Spy You’ve Never Heard Of 4

Ana Montes with then-Deputy DCI George Tenet, after receiving an award.

Ana Montes with then-Deputy DCI George Tenet, after receiving an award.

By Thom Patterson, CNN

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(CNN) — She put American combat troops in harm’s way, betrayed her own people and handed over so many secrets that experts say the U.S. may never know the full extent of the damage.

Ana Montes was the Queen of Cuba, an American who from 1985 to the September 11, 2001 attacks handed over U.S. military secrets to Havana while working as a top analyst for the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency.

But despite her crimes, Montes remains largely unknown.

You might not think Cuba could do much harm to a superpower like the U.S., said retired DIA official Chris Simmons, appearing on CNN’s “Declassified.”

But you’d be wrong.

The threat increases, he said, when Havana goes on to sell those U.S. military secrets to nations like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

Montes’ anger about U.S. foreign policy complicated her relationships and drew the attention of Cubans who enticed her to turn her back on friends, family and her own country.

The fascinating spycraft that surfaced from her case offers a rare glimpse into the invisible world of espionage, where some experts believe there could be as many as 100,000 foreign agents working inside the U.S.

The two Anas

Montes grew up like millions of other girls during the Cold War, in a large, middle-class family, the oldest of four children.

Born to Puerto Rican parents on a U.S. Army base in Germany in 1957, Montes‘ father served his country as an Army doctor. By the time Montes entered high school, her father had left the military and settled the family about an hour north of Washington, D.C., in Towson, Maryland.

She attended the University of Virginia, and in 1977 and 1978, she spent a liberating year studying in Spain. There, she met a Puerto Rican student named Ana Colon.

The two Anas quickly became friends — bonding through their Puerto Rican roots — not politics. “I had no political awareness whatsoever,” said Colon, now a Washington-area elementary school teacher.

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  1. The following excerpt from your essay is key; “The fascinating spy-craft that surfaced from her case offers a rare glimpse into the invisible world of espionage, where some experts believe there could be as many as 100,000 foreign agents working inside the U.S.”

    First of all, Mr. Thum, with all due respect to your essay, I suggest you further qualify the portion of your statement that reads; “100,000 plus agents working inside the U.S.”, as being, greatly influenced by agents working in espionage for Cuba”. There´s no doubt, from my point of view, Cuba presently participates in espionage in the United States. Its intentions are not for espionage´s sake, either. They´re driven by a long established “love-hate” of the United States, in the persona of Fidel and Raul Castro. Yet, driven primarily by Fidel Castro´s paranoid-like vision of the United States´ “enigmatic greatness” as perceived in Fidel Castro´s mind, while in contrast referring to such U.S. greatness, as product of imperialism, as interpreted by his own personal delusions of grandeur–such personal comportment dating back to the day Fidel Castro, at age twelve, wrote FDR for a ten dollar bill gift–as Fidel Castro´s way to interface with his own perceived personal greatness.

    This, which I explain here is key, because the U.S. has been infiltrated now more than ever, as Europe also has, presently, been filled with trained personnel, planted there to destabilize the core of key civil structures of societies to make the international leftist promoted ideals, to seem as to involuntarily appear, to sprout-up—as involuntarily dramatized as grass roots, yet agitated crowds—as promoted by a few so called “role models”, who will declare themselves bordering the claim that of a justifiable product of the historical racial tensions, socioeconomic conditions of disadvantage communities and even—and according to the President—the lack of gun control. Yet, such all claims dimensionalized on a prefabricated basis to accrue the instigation of an environment of widespread social civil unrest vacuum, based upon racial and class strata inequalities, which while existent, are not the core predominant factors of our society, but are the most inflamatory in populism trained strategies.

    Last night, one could hear from the crowds in the United States–who would have thought–the chant of choice of the left, which originated in Cuba and which states; “El pueblo unido jamás sera vencido”, in Spanish language and in English; “The people united will never be defeated”. This is the imprint of the Cuba leftist chant spread throughout Latin America and now resounding in Times Square New York City, Dallas and Madrid. In Spain, the PODEMOS party movement appeared into the political scene, in 2014, by providing unprecedented and considerable financing, in the millions, by the foreign nation of Iran and Venezuela, as the PODEMOS party movement, also conducts the same chant, as in Times Square, New York, last night during the “Black Lives Matter” protest. It is a civil unrest chant originated almost 55+ years ago in Havana, Cuba, from the Castro tyrannical regime. It is a direct parallel to the once Black Panther movement, infiltrated and financed, in part, by the Castro regime, organized and trained to create havoc inside American civil society, while Cuba trained the “Maceitos”, the “Weathermen” who created havoc in Chicago during the Republican convention held there in 1968. These have all been guests of Cuba, with some still residing. I would not be surprised if the same occurs again in Cleveland during the upcoming Republican convention. When Jerry Rubin came to the University of Miami, in 1972, I peacefully managed to embarrass him—and oust him from there—by speaking at that impromptu rally meeting, at the Student Union, when I proceeded to challenge Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman to produce their voter´s registration cards, as their proof, at that rally, if they really were sincere in advocating for a change, they must have the most elemental basic tool for change in AMERICA–a voter´s registration card–which granted that year the right to vote to eighteen year old youth. The result of that exchange that day produced that the students started to chant out loud for Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman to leave campus and they subsequently had no choice but to do that, leave. This was unprecedented to Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman in that part of AMERICAN history.

    This is, I believe, what OFA, Organizing for Action is; an activist based and structured organization, modeled in the form of a political party grass roots election movement, which can be evolved, utilizing the same type of leftists tactical grass roots operations in AMERICA into the organization of widespread civil unrest throughout the United States. The question then is why now all this havoc, as in Dallas last night, where five police officers were assassinated and six more were gravely injured plus one civilian? The answer is: AMERICA is at a demographic crossroads between, White Anglo-Saxon, Black and Latino origins, the latter alone once a minority, yet, soon to be a majority population (U.S. Census Bureau 2010) and when combined with blacks will be the overwhelming population combined in the United States. This demographic shift vector in AMERICAN history has the perfect social conditions for the international left to want and plan to blend itself with under the guise of those civil and social demographic and socioeconomic issues. the objective is to destabilize American values and its core civil society structures with the sole objective to vacuum power upon the surge of civil protest and rebellion when it becomes widespread in the U.S.. it is imperative the U.S. intelligence community and the national Security Agency, must become very widely domestically vigilant. Specially, while the U.S. homeland security organizations network, the local police and state police (all U.S. police is local or state), do not have the intrinsic knowledge and experience, about the modus operandus of leftist Cuba´s urban civil unrest and crowd control tactical training disciplines. Nor that of the international left—with Cuba—in close proximity and presently in diplomatic transition with the U.S. Cuba at its core of intelligence has been fascinated with the idea of the overthrow of United States imperialism an iconic-like image they sense is about to be demographically overtaken by once minority groups and all the socio cultural and socioeconomic implications this involves. This is an intellectual revolution where Fidel Castro from inside his regime has lived to manipulate throughout all his life.

    President Obama is travelling to Spain and will be meeting with the head of the PODEMOS political party movement, which created its foundation—and has expressed it so, by emulating Barack Hussein Obama as PODEMOS leader Pablo Iglesias expressed; “If Obama can do it (as in “Yes, we can”) in the U.S.”, we also can do it in Spain. In effect, PODEMOS party movement, out of nowhere, has now accumulated 60 seats or close to +20% of the popular vote in Spain and together with PSOE and IU leftists political parties comprise almost half of the popular vote. The international left–in globalization–now has an important role to play in Spanish politics and has already politically influenced the two mayor and most iconic cities of Barcelona and Madrid, by winning the mayoral elections of these two world class cities, which influence the back bone of politics in Spain.

    The United States has the CIA, the FBI and the NSA, all government agencies of vast information and capabilities, but poorly positioned to interface with the international left now operating in the United States, such international left mutated within key domestic activist organizations. This is the biggest danger to our nation, that when combined with Radical Islamic Terrorism creates a mass communications nightmare, a very difficult intellectually launched attack to comprehend by U.S. domestic agencies as well as by the equally unequipped American media news outlets and news people, whom never widelly studied or dealt-with, non existent, as part of American history. Nor are these U.S. domestic agencies equipped to interface with the international left. President Barack Hussein Obama fits that internationally knowledgeable profile, yet, from the left, at a precise time, all of this is happening.

    It is a formula for great disaster unless the “powers that be” get a crash course on Radical International Left, now on the attack to destroy the American civil society at the crossroads of its most significant socio-demographic shift in American history.

    It was Cuba that trained all the premier terrorist Muslim faith based organizations—in Cuba—and that first organized in 1966 during the First Triconetinental Congress, held in Havana, Cuba, to create a malicious consensus of worldwide proportions, planting seed of the rotten fruit intended. That is the negative and rotten fruit product we are seeing today aprouting on American soil. There is a way to stop this attack on its track. The alternative is the U.S. will become a sociocultural civil unrest battleground. Ana Belen Montes is a single recruit of Cuba, as others are and have been. There was a writer who voluntarily and out of love for country, privately, wrote and expensed, at his own cost ($15,000), a full-page newspaper article published in the Washington Times on June 28, 2000. That article continues to be a relevant writing today, as then, and as Cuba continues to be a very high security risk for the United States of America. Particularly, now, as the Clintons once again make another end-run approach to get back into the White House, and also as recent diplomatic negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba, have been skewed by the self-desperation of the Cuban government to patch-up Cuba´s own deep socio economic chaos, which ironically can only be resolved under a capitalist agenda infused into the island of Cuba by the United States. The remainder will be history.

    • Mr Garrido
      I thank you for your point of views but the only way we as a people can make a better world of this barbarian and evil is not by trying to change the world , but changing are self first so we can make a better world that is the best star to peace love and real freedom
      V V

      • Mr. Val. I am aghast at, either, the lack of reading comprehension, or whatever other reason you may have had to misrepresent my clear and concise statement memorialized in black and white. I never made any reference, whatsoever, to “to change the world”.

        My statement, as expressed, has NOTHING to do whatsoever with such subject matter of “change the world”, which ONLY you have incoherently introduced as stated. You are off-topic matter.

        I welcome any rebuttal you or anyone may have as to my statement, but kindly provide your rebuttal consistent with your arguments dealing directly with the subject matter, at hand. Your subjective statements as you expressed; “peace love and real freedom” when discussing this subject matter, relative to the Ana Belen Montes story and viv-a-vis my statement in relation thereto, serves no purpose.

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