Will St Pete Become Havana’s Newest Spy Base? 6

 The Cuban consular general and his second in command were in town Saturday to tour St. Petersburg, shown here from just south of downtown with Fourth Street running north.

The Cuban consular general and his second in command were in town Saturday to tour St. Petersburg, shown here from just south of downtown with Fourth Street running north.

Cuban Officials Touring St. Petersburg This Weekend as They Eye Consulate Location

By Paul Guzzo, Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer

Tampa has the historic and cultural link to Cuba, but it might be St. Petersburg that lands the first Cuban Consulate in the United States in more than five decades.

Alejandro Padrón, Cuba’s consular general from its embassy in Washington, D.C., and his second in command, Armando Bencomo, were in St. Petersburg on Saturday and took a tour of its real estate assets that was led by Dave Goodwin, the city’s director of planning and economic development.

Such a tour did not take place in Tampa.

“They have some interest in our city and they want to get to know more about it,” said Joni James, CEO of the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership, which along with the University of South Florida’s Patel College of Global Sustainability sponsored the delegation’s trip.

“We are happy to help them learn what a great place it would be to have a consulate.”

Kanika Tomalin, the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, described the tour as “pretty comprehensive” but did not provide specifics on where they visited.

“They will understand what the city can offer their goals,” she said.

There is competition between Tampa and St. Petersburg to host the Cuban Consulate.

The Tampa City Council, Hills- borough County Commission and Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce have voted in favor of bringing the consulate to their community.

The chamber also sent a delegation to Cuba in May 2015.

Each has heavily promoted that Tampa and Cuba share a connection dating to the founding of Ybor City in the late 1800s by immigrants from the island nation.

Later, Tampa was a staging ground for Cuba’s War of Independence against colonialist Spain. And with Cuban tobacco, Tampa would go on to become Cigar City.

But the St. Petersburg City Council voted for a consulate to open in that city as well.

The St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership also sent two delegations to Cuba in the past year and welcomed one from the island nation to its city in December.

Feature continues here:  Will St Pete Become Havana’s Newest Spy Base?

Editor’s Note:  When the United States ended diplomatic relations with Cuba in the early 1960s, the Castro regime had been conducting its espionage operations from a network of over two dozen consulates and Prensa Latina (news agency) sites from coast to coast. Since the theft of US economic, political and military secrets provides one of the largest revenue streams flowing the regime, Havana dearly wants its “diplomatic” spy network back to further increase its espionage effectiveness and drive down costs.  




  1. Thank you for your service Chris and thank you for your blog. I love America and I love Cuba, but I love America, because it’s the only civilized nation standing. May I share my opinion Chris Sir? St.Pete already is. Let’s assume that. Now let me share something else. You should assume because you know it, Cuba has no diplomats. They are spies, all. Now let’s come back to America. USA must get into Cuba before Putin takes over again or worse, it becomes a failed state 90 miles away from our American shores. Country first. United States can not afford to be an observer in Cuba’s unraveling. There are 4 ways to get into Cuba, all of them for USA national security reasons by the way. 1- We go in as tourists ( we are on it right now) 2- We go in with “boots on the ground” if we don’t get in as tourists. 3- We can never get back in there again, 90 miles away from us, China North Korea Iran Russia take over.

    Putting 7 American Airlines in flights to Cuba is our only way to be on the ground for when changes happen, and you bet they will happen. Thank you again, is people like you that makes this country the greatest nation on Earth. Best Sir.


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    • I am not politically correct, I say it the way it it. Appeasement is not a solution. Appeasement will encourage a dictator to continue his agenda of repression and destruction. It is the same thing as growing a spoil child who’s parents end up loosing control of the kid when he gets older. The solution is to spank the kid,same thing with dictators.

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  3. Castro is not going to allow any friendly apertures as long as He is ruling and the Castro family is there. Castro leaves the throne tomorrow and another of his cronies will inherit the throne ( I am saying throne simply because the Castro regime is a dynasty) What would be the the outcome of having a Cuban consulate in St Petersburg, Tampa?Well #1 The Cuban exile will be closely monitored by the Cuban regime,#2 The Cuban regime will have open access to infiltrate their spies to freely spy on our military bases. #3 The Cuban regime will be able to split the Cuban exile even more, the Cuban agents will be able to infiltrate and to monitor their spies inside of the Florida Universities. #4 the Cuban agents will be able to coordinate their espionage operation closely from American soil instead of Cuba which will make easier the act of espionage. In another words monitoring from their working ground. The great question is after all these concessions, What has the Cuban government give us in return? Cuban citizens are repressed by their government in the daily bases,there are no elections,no personal freedoms. Russia is already in Cuba and China is also already in Cuba. The only thing the Cubans are doing in Florida is creating a Troyan horse situation,trying to destroy America from within. They are running the same type of operations they have been running in Latin America for decades. Their analogy is the following if this type of operation worked in Venezuela and is working in Colombia, why not try it in the US? We must must remember Cuba is a Russian proxy and at this present time our relations with Russia are ice cold.

  4. A lot of those so called “Political refugees” coming from central America and South America escaping Cuba are agent of the Cuban government. The Cuban government is implementing what the Soviet KGB planned decades ago, the gradual internal destruction of the American society and the consulate in St Petersburg is going to help their effort. There would be more agents in our Universities and far more agents prowling Miami to recruit spies.

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