Havana Claims Student Visits to U.S. Incites Subversion 4

Josefina Vidal, Director General of the U.S. division at Cuba's Foreign Ministry, gestures as she speaks with the media at the State Department in Washington, Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. The United States and Cuba claimed progress Friday toward ending a half-century diplomatic freeze, suggesting they could clear some of the biggest obstacles to their new relationship within weeks. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Josefina Vidal, Director General of the U.S. division at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

U.S. Summer Leadership Program provokes backlash from Cuban government

HAVANA (AP) –  A few months after President Barack Obama visited Cuba in March, a group of teenagers left the island for a month-long visit to the United States funded by the U.S. State Department.

The 16- to 18-year-olds spent 10 days learning about community service, followed by two-week homestays with families in Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, Oregon and Missouri. There, the Cuban teens volunteered at food banks and recycling centers and read books to young children, according to the Washington-based NGO that organized the activities.

Now, four months before Obama leaves office, the Summer Leadership Program for Cuban Youth has provoked a full-blown backlash from the Cuban government, which has organized a nationwide series of campus protests over the past week denouncing the program as a tool of American subversion in language hearkening back to the height of the Cold War.

“University students condemn new Yankee manipulation,” declared a headline in red ink above the lead story in Thursday’s edition of Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper. Cuba said it complained about the program at a meeting in Washington on Friday with the U.S. diplomats negotiating normalization with Cuba.

“We insisted once again that the financing of programs aimed at provoking internal change in Cuba needs to be eliminated, which would be an essential step toward normalizing bilateral relations,” Cuba’s director-general of U.S. affairs, Josefina Vidal, said in a video posted as part of a question-and-answer session on Twitter.

For most of the last half-century, the U.S tried to push Fidel Castro’s government toward collapse or fuel its overthrow in an anti-Communist uprising. The Obama administration abandoned that goal in favor of slowly encouraging Cubans to develop lives independent of a single-party system that, despite limited reforms, controls most aspects of life on the island, from theater programming to the distribution of agricultural supplies. The Obama goal of gradual change is supported by millions of dollars in funding for non-governmental organizations that attempt to work directly with Cubans in programs similar to U.S.-funded efforts around the world.

Cuba rejects the idea of any foreign government, above all the United States, working with Cubans independently of the government and the more than 2,000 state-run organizations that it describes as Cuba’s genuine civil society. Virtually any organization operating without state approval is viewed as illegal and potentially subversive, particularly if it receives foreign aid.

Cuba says such suspicions gained credibility with the publication of reports by The Associated Press in 2014 revealing that the U.S. Agency for International Development funded clandestine programs to undermine the Cuban government, including the creation of a “Cuban Twitter” social network, the dispatch of Latin American youth to recruit activists, and attempts to coopt Cuban rappers as unknowing agents of democratic change.

Feature continues here:  Freedom is Subversive

Editor’s Note:  Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer Josefina Vidal was among 16 Cuban spy-diplomats expelled from the US in May 2003.  




  1. This whole matter regarding President Obama having invited youth from Cuba to spend time in the summer, in the United States, with American families, is not anything novel in the area of education. It has been done before. In fact, it is presently an educational event and or program being implemented by many countries, and it is widely referred to as “student exchange programs”. Therefore, the U.S. and Cuba implemented a student exchange program, such program consisting of Cuban students coming to the U.S. Again, it is one of the most widely recognized extracurricular educational spin-off programs worldwide. So what´s the beef from Cuba regarding their participation of such a program in the United States?

    I believe I have a pretty good idea. The beef comes from law XXXX (see Articles III. and IV below in Spanish), which was signed into effect on August 31, 1961 by First Minister (the title then), Fidel Castro, and Oswaldo Dorticos Torrado, President of the Republic of Cuba at that time. That new law, essentially, took away the paternal authority and or paternal custody over Cuban children and more specifically regarding the children´s formation and thus the matter of education away from the parents and it assigned it to the Cuban government or such people and or such organizations the Cuban government would assign it to.

    ARTICULO III – A partir de la vigencia de la presente Ley, la Patria Potestad de las personas menos de 20 años de edad
    será ejercida por el Estado a través de las personas u organizaciones en que este delegue facultad.

    English: From the enactment of the present law, the Paternal Custody of the persons less than 20 years old will be held by the State through the persons, or the organizations, in which the government delegates such faculty.

    ARTÍCULO IV – Todo menor de edad permanecerá al cuidado de sus padres hasta tanto cumpla la edad de 3 años,
    pasados los cuales deberá ser confiado para su educación física y mental así como para capacidad cívica, a la
    Organización de Círculos Infantiles (OCI) organismo que por esta Ley queda facultado para disponer la guarda y
    cuidado de la persona y ejercicio de la Patria Potestad de estos menores.

    English: Every minor will remain under the custody of its parents until such time it reaches the age of 3, and thereafter the minor will be entrusted for its physical and mental education, as well as its civic capacity to the Organization of Infant circles (OCI), such organism, which by law has the faculty to dispose of the custody and care of the person and the exercise of the Parental Custody of these minors.

    So when the lovely and very charismatic Ms. Josefina Vidal, in a video recently posted, explains; “We insisted once again that the financing of programs aimed at provoking internal change in Cuba needs to be eliminated, which would be an essential step toward normalizing bilateral relations,” she is most—definitely—relating to this conceptual inherent system of the Cuban government to indoctrinate children born in Cuba, after age 3, ONLY in the Socialism ideology. How else does anyone expect the Cuban regime to survive without planting Socialism in the minds of children every generation since attaining government in Cuba?

    Of course, human life is finite, even for Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro and it is finite for everyone down in the latter of Cuban government hierarchy. Then, the question becomes? Where–and at what point–and how long will it take for two very important lines to intersect in the y and x axis within the “personal human life aspirations graph”, and where one of those lines is; X.) Diplomatic relations established and the other line is; Y.) The very high standard of life the democracy experience provides. In other words, at what point, and how long will it take for youth in Cuba to confirm for themselves–through their everyday living experience—since they were lied-to by the Cuban government—vis-a-vìs the “Yankees´” way of life and their incredible standard of living as recently experienced by Cuban youth through such this education exchange program, while living in the United States democracy, versus the Cuban failed experiment? It´s nothing like they were taught in Cuba!

    Ms. Vidal´s commentary is futile, hence, the theoretical education and everyday living experience, as provided in Cuba is quite different from the daily living experience after having spent a few months in the United States. This is nothing new, athletes from Cuba experience this all the time. The moment they step foot outside the failed Cuban system of government the athletes want to leave the island and those who don´t leave is because they are threatened by the powers-that-be with family retaliation. Moreover, the Havana-Miami flight bridge, which starts this very month of Octiber will serv to further shed light on the false propaganda about the way of life in a Democracy. Life in Cuba is not easy for its citizens, people are tired of the Castros and their–unique–Elite standard of life in comparison to the rest of the country of Cuba.

    Regarding Ms. Vidal´s commentary, I want to add, it would do her a lot-of-good if she affronted the fact children, in Cuba, in middle school are suffering from homeorresis from their lack of nutrition as experienced during the early years, as it has been explained by Medical Physician Arnoldo de la Cruz in Santiago e Cuba. This is totally unacceptable and it is a violation of the Cuban Constitution, which delegated the Parental Custody to the Organization of Infant Circles of Cuba and they failed to either complain this deficiency to the Cuban Government, so Cuban children in their formative years could have received the minimum nutritional standard for necessary and adequate growth and development as human beings.

    I am very worried about this and I trust—soon—the Cuban government can visit American public schools in a State of their choice in the United States and establish a system in Cuba where children will get properly and adequately fed. My God!

    A nation´s government that is incapable of feeding its future citizens, in the personas of innocent children, must consider allowing others to be in government to do the job and duty of the nation. I have the most genuine desire to help my homeland be great again as it was prior to 1959 when 23 cents of every Cuban peso (the Cuban peso then valued at par or a few cents higher than the U.S, Dollar) was spent on education.
    Latin America U.S. Cuba
    Income per Capita Relative to US, 1955 14 100 27
    Passenger Cars/1000 Persons, circa 1955 8 314 20
    TVs/1000 Persons, 1960 11 308 73
    Radios/1000 persons, 1960 96 941 152
    Infant Mortality Rate, circa 1955 105 26 33
    Life Expectancy at Birth, circa 1955 50 69 64
    Doctors/10000 Persons, circa 1955 4 13 10
    Source: Marianne Ward Department of Economics, Loyola College Baltimore, Maryland, 21210-2699
    John Devereux Department of Economics, Queens College, CUNY, Flushing New York, New York, 11367-1597
    Second Draft, January 21, 2010

    These top line figures, among many more a sufficient to document what a failure the Castro regime has been to my homeland, as admitted recently by Fidel Castro when he said “It is a model that has not even worked for us. Life´s too short to believe hoarding a nation´s government and its fortunes is eternal and will serve for anything good.

    My message to Ms Vidal is: use your intelligence and your talent to make our nation, Cuba, become a nation with a multi-party system, where all citizens can participate in making our nation fulfill its role in serving the people and not vice versa. The present modus operandi of the Cuban government is truly an exercise in waste of talent and life and has not accomplished what the Cuban Revolution promised the citizens of Cuba. It´s already 57 years, which is the same amount of years, which had past in 1959 since Cuba gained its independence from Spain in 1902, to the year 1959.

    The youth in Cuba will make-up their own minds about what and how they think about Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro because technology will soon provide them, the information that had kept Cuba isolated from the rest of the planet. Miss Vidal, don´t deprive the youth of Cuba from a wonderful break in their lives given the unfortunate life´s predicament in Cuba.

  2. The problem is that those kids are going to be interned on one of those communist Universities upon their return to Cuba. The Cuban government is going to give them those false opportunities that will make them feel important when they are not. Upon their return to the island they will be already segregated and indoctrinated. Now the second time they will send those students they are going to be UCI students to collect information on US and take that information to the island. These commies will enroll the Florida Universities and will begin receiving lessons from liberal professors. These student will try to fragment the Cuban exile even more giving vivas to the Cuban communist government from the US.

  3. Vidal brain is not going to change. She has been train as an agent under the Castro system and she is not going to change anything. if the system collapses where is she going to end? She is going to end up probably in a Cuban prison for all the crimes she has probably committed under the system. The Cuban regime has everyone implicated in crimes. This is the reason why many of them don’t want any changes. The ruling state cupola is implicated in crimes and they know it. Prison to them is not a viable option. Por eso lloran borron y cuenta nueva!!!! because they know they are going down!!!

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