Fox News Interviews Cuban Spy Who Became Mexico’s Foreign Minister. (Former?) Agent is Now a NYU Professor & Human Rights Watch Board Member 5

jorgeTucker Carlson Grills Former Mexican Official Who Plots to Sabotage U.S. Court System With Thousands of Deportation Cases

By Humberto Fontova, Townhall

“Yes I want to use the U.S. judicial system—the immigration courts in particular– to jam, to backlog it so perhaps President Trump will change his mind and stop this ridiculous policy– this unpleasant and hostile policy– of deporting people…” (Jorge Castañeda to Tucker Carlson, Fox News, 2/14/17.)

The “ridiculous policy” consists of President Trump’s executive orders to deport lawbreaking foreigners, mostly Mexicans.

In other words, this “unpleasant and hostile policy” consists of Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promises and his pledge to uphold the U.S. Constitution when he was sworn in on Jan. 20.

The Mexican government itself has pledged $50 million in legal defense funds towards this jamming of U.S. courts as planned and promoted by Jorge Castañeda, who was introduced by Tucker Carlson as “Mexico’s former Foreign Minister, also a NYU professor and Board member of Human Rights Watch.”

Democrats and the mainstream media would have us gag and shudder at such fulfillments of the U.S. Constitution—because they offend the sensibilities of a former Mexican Communist Party member and spy for Cuba’s terror-sponsoring Stalinist regime.

“Whoops! What was that?” some readers ask.

Yes, amigos, I’m afraid that — either due to politeness or ignorance –Tucker Carlson scrimped on his guest Jorge Castañeda’s curriculum vitae. (We’ll flesh it out in a second.)

But firstly, from 2000-2003 Jorge Castañeda served as Mexico’s Foreign Minister. On March 2nd, 2002, 21 desperate Cuban refugee wannabes crammed into Mexico’s embassy in Havana hoping to emigrate from Castro’s Cuba to Mexico. (In prosperous, European immigrant-swamped pre-Castro Cuba, by the way, the family and friends of any Cuban seeking to immigrate to Mexico would have promptly recommended him to a psychiatrist.)

At any rate, promptly upon notice of this violation of Mexican sovereignty by immigrant wannabes, Jorge Castañeda —a man apparently scandalized by U.S. judicial procedures, especially as regards to illegal immigrants—ordered Castro’s Stalinist police to enter the embassy and drag the desperate Cubans out.

Now let’s expand a bit on Jorge Castaneda’s “credentials.” I hold here in my hands a document detailing how this very Jorge Castañeda was recruited by Cuba’s KGB-trained secret police as a spy, where he served loyally for almost five years.

Feature continues here:  Cuban Spy Jorge Castaneda




  1. This is not (emphasis added) how it goes. Notwithstanding, Ian Fleming could not have done a more fantasmic and neatly knitted fiction story for a certain unsuspecting, yet, nevertheless gullible audience. Oh! and even perhaps certain collateral personnel. But then, I guess, “some Americans” have suddenly become impassioned by spy tales. The same as robotics are taking over, slowly but surely, hand-made product functions, software and hardware technology can already perform what is claimed here Jorge Castañeda will do, but actually cannot. The “cannot” part, is what makes this tell tale most interesting and fascinatingly entertaining. This is what I like best about Cuba Confidential. So novelistically crafty. The best part to the moral of this story is missing.

  2. Ironically the Cuban regime is advocating human rights when they are the champions in violating Human rights. It looks like Nieto and Castro are very upset with the result of our elections. Every country has the right to protects its borders. The Cubans has thousands of mines near the Guantanamo naval base and the Mexican government has also a militarized zone near the Guatemalan border to protect Mexico from illegal immigration. The problems is that the communists want to dictate policy in our country. The Universities are plague with their communist professors teaching their students subversion and a liberal agenda incline to destroy our society from within. Trump is doing an excellent job. Castro cut his own throat with the cancellation of dry foot/wet foot policy simply because the escape valve which is the illegal immigration every time he is having a wave of protesting against his repressive regime has been closed. Castro try to influence our election and put an effort to subvert the Cuban population in Florida to have them vote for Clinton. Raul Castro is an expert in making a clown out of liberal administrations, this is the reason He was so jubilant about Hillary getting in the white house.

    Cubans were requesting political asylum in the United States and then they waited a year to get their residency to visit the island. They were in most cases receiving federal aid. I have live in the US for three decades and I have never and will never set my feet in the island ever again, as a political refugee is against my principles to travel to a communist country. The Cuban government is notorious for manipulating Mexico internal and external policy at their will. We must understand that Mexico is a Socialist country and in most cases has been always submissive to the Cuban regime. Trumps is not going to backtrack form his agenda he knows he has a lot to lose if he does.

  3. Just like when “certain spy tales” came-out with publications on “how Ana Belén Montes was caught as a Cuban spy (yeah, right….), while working for the U.S. government…….those tales had nothing to do with the behind the scenes reality on the “how” and about the catalyst factors of how she actually came to be caught. But then, as President Trump would have it and how he has put his finger right on-it, meanwhile many here on this very site—under erroneous oppositional editorializing and commentary—still continued to defend what is a partially sold-out intelligence community, which many times functions through the bureaucratic partisan interests that work inside the U.S. intelligence community. Now It´s time to clean house. I could not agree more with the impending purge from inside the halls of the temple of U.S. intelligence corrupted by special partisan interests and just sheer personal greed and personal profit. As karma would have it, very suiting. Nothing personal, just fed-up with the whole convoluted process, as many millions of American citizens also are disgusted,as we should be.

  4. Good morning Chris- I am am blunt person, and like speaking clearly. Your service is needed now more than ever. Adults are needed now more than ever back in the government. New admistration needs lots of help. Hope you think about it and offer your services in whatever capacity you can be useful. USA is in a perilous circumstance. Obama and his cronies have destroyed the social fabric of the country. As a Cuban American coming from a dictatorship the signals am watching are alarming. Even Cuban Americans do not undertand the damage and are dumping on President Trump not understanding that the policy changes being undertaken by him are absolutely necessary to save America. I will be honest with you, I am terrified of what am seeing. The alliance of “NeverTrump” conservatives who are trying to topple the President because he does not have “the style” they want in a President and because he’s doing what needs to be done with the “democrats” all working in collaboration is truly scary, because there isn’t anyone right now that has he understanding as President Trump does of the challenges USA is facing at home and abroad. Get yourself back in service, your country needs you. This is the only thing left in the world. Europe is gone. We need to save this country. Best. Alina.

    On Saturday, February 18, 2017, Cuba Confidential wrote:

    > Chris Simmons posted: “Tucker Carlson Grills Former Mexican Official Who > Plots to Sabotage U.S. Court System With Thousands of Deportation Cases By > Humberto Fontova, Townhall “Yes I want to use the U.S. judicial system—the > immigration courts in particular– to jam, to bac” >

    • I beg to respectfully differ with you Ms. Brower. In spite of the fact, I live part-time in Europe and aside from the fact I also serve as a representative member of the Popular conservative party (we recently held a Congress in Madrid), I can categorically tell you; Europe is far from “being gone”, as so loosely expressed by you.

      At the center of most nations´ political spectrum, party politics cause to continually experience the expansion and contraction periods, between conservative, liberal and totalitarian tendencies. More so, now, when coupled with the fact emergent nations bring an extra-dose of unchartered political rhetoric into the fold of their political participation learning curve.

      Obama has not “destroyed the fabric of this nation”, as you also loosely expressed. I beg to differ with you again. He, rather, executed policies that if left alone, in effect, would serve—and after many years of passing—to destroy part of the original fiber of this great American nation. But in a more tempered manner of speaking, it would take one heck—of a lot—more than that, to destroy the U.S. Constitution, the virtual bedrock fiber of our unique American democracy. If you need further evidence to accept this, it would do a lot of good for you to re-review the fact Donald J Trump, just recently won—less than 100 days ago—the Presidency, the Senate and Congress, as the clear leader of the GOP (albeit, the fact some in the GOP received donations and in-kind stipends from the likes of George Soros, such as John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham). It is the direct result of Trump´s leadership. And yes, leadership, defined under Merriam Webster´s dictionary: “the office or position of a leader recently assumed the leadership of the company, capacity to lead, the act or an instance of leading, leadership molds individuals into a team”— (the latter by Harold Koontz & Cyril O’Donnell).

      The way to measure the political ideological tendencies, presently active throughout the world, is not—or never for that matter—through an interpretation of Cuba politics as if it were the planet´s umbilical cord. The two present worldwide opposing tendencies active are “globalism” versus “nationalism”. It is plain and simple. The left is playing a role as an equal opportunity activist, but not in a leadership mode.

      As for Europe, I would hardly begin to believe it is “gone”. First, knowing the BREXIT, just recently, has been a clear-cut, and real example of a European Union break- away tendency from “globalist massification”, back to a “nationalism” tendency. France, also, is on its way to the same path of “nationalism” and the results projected by the upcoming election is also clear evidence of that. The leadership of right-wing conservative in the persona of Marie Le Pen is obvious. The Germans, also, now differ from the policies of an Angela Merkel for whom things have not gone well and who has recently recanted on her immigration policies. As for Spain, Mariano Rajoy of the Popular Party a conservative party is the most voted political tendency in Spain. He lead to create over 1.5 million new jobs. The Spanish economy is expected to grow this year 2017 3.0%, outperforming again all European nations. Tourists also think to seem so, since Spain received a total of 75 million tourists last year placing it within the top two in ranking of worldwide tourism.

      Anyone in denial of this among the top four European Union countries truly ignores Europe´s reality. So then: where is the world being lost to the droves of communist countries?

      In closing, we do not need to save our nation the United States. We need to continue supporting it. The present state of on- the surface media upheaval, is the result of a more rumbling under the surface bedrock as the same American nation who decimated the liberals and it is THEY—the liberals—who are in a state of frenzy, trying to resist the policies of the overwhelming victory by electoral college candidate by Donald J. Trump.

      But please, leave Cuba out of this. Cuba will soon fall and the biggest form of decay is in the hands of fourth generation Cuban millennials who will not put-up with the Raúl Castro B.S. It´s already happening.

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