Cuban Intelligence Imprisons Activist, Threatens to Destroy Opposition Movement 3

The Cuban activist is detained despite her precarious health condition. (Twitter)

By: Karina Martín PanAm Post

Tension between Cuban activists and the island’s law enforcement spiked this week after a State Security agent allegedly threatened to destroy a prominent opposition movement.

Cuban activist Joanna Columbié said a State Security agent threatened to “destroy” the Cuban opposition group she is associated with, “Somos +“ (We Are More). The agent, identified only as “Leandro,” said Saturday, May 27 that he would ensure the organization’s demise with the next few days.

Leader of Somos+ Eliécer Ávila said the agent told Columbié that she would be “processed” because the government is tired of the organization and its participation in #Otro18, a platform that organizes citizen proposals for new electoral laws.

Columbié, who is currently a political prisoner, undergoes frequent interrogation, according to Roxana Arias, another member of the organization. She said Columbié was taken to an infirmary last Sunday, May 28 due to pain in her kidneys. Despite the pain, she received no medical treatment.

Arias also said during her visits, she noticed that Columbié “was not eating much” and that “the heat in the prison was horrible.”

According to local media, Columbié suffers from diabetes, asthma and hypertension, and when her mother, who lives in Santiago, called the prison to verify her health, she was told that everyone had the right to have family members call “except her,” which was as a consequence of “not having educated her daughter properly.”

Somos has already released a statement saying that the regime will not be able to defeat the opposition movement building steam on the island, or crush Columbié’s spirit.

Sources: Cubanet; 14ymedio.

Karina Martín is a Venezuelan reporter with the PanAm Post based in Valencia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from the Arturo Michelena University.


  1. The Cuban DSE’s department 10 and 21 are doing averything to surveil the dissidence, from penetrating churches to planting informants. The DSE is determined in destroying the Cuban dissidence. The DSE agents manipulate and encpurage the criminal element to join the dissidence groups to discredit the opposition. In this age of information, the internet has become the regime main adversary. The internal dissidence is hungry for foreign event and ideas how to fight the communist regime. The Cuban internal dissidence movement has suffered from penetration of the Cuban DSE for decades. The Cuban DSE has been able to manipulate this movement upon convenience mainly to discredit its leaders and to create opposition.

    • Upon asduming the presidence of the United States our president Donald Trump was the only world leader to rebuke Castro calling him a dictator. The Cuban population is the one that should be revolting instead of adopting the passive approach of coming to America, in many cases visiting the island soon after becoming residents. The Cuban exile is the primary force that should support their bethrens in the Island, instead of doing so they are with exceptions the ones that are abeting and supporting The regime personnel and singers when they visit Miami. There are Cuban TV stations in Florida that are going as far as trying to discredit those that are opposing the regime from Miami. In order for America to be safe and for the Cuban dissidence to be sucessful the Cuban-American community should isolate and identify the communist elements within their commumity and contact the local authorities.
      The Cuban American radio and TV stations should deny entry to any Cuban personnel that is supporting the Cuban regime, intead of doing so they popularize the Cuban singers when they arrive in Florida.

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