Senior Spy Specializing in Targeting Americans Assigned as Cuban Ambassador to Canada; Deputy Spy-Master Assigned as Spain’s Ambassador 2

Editor’s Note: Josefina Vidal, suspected of being a “US Targets” officer in the Director of Intelligence (DI), was expelled from the US in 2003 along with 15 other Cuban spy-diplomats. Her Deputy in the Foreign Ministry was Gustavo Machin, also a suspected US Targets officer. Machin was thrown out of the US in retaliation for the Ana Montes spy case. He later served as Cuban Ambassador to Pakistan where he is believed to have overseen Havana’s targeting of US counterterrorism operations in the region. He has now been selected to serve in Madrid as Cuba’s Ambassador. Historically, Mexico, Canada and Spain host the largest Cuban spy centers in the world (outside their three bases in the United States).  “Officially,” DI officers resign from the spy service when they become ambassadors. However, we can expect these two “retired” US Targets officers to have significant and adverse influence over the activities in their host nations. 





  1. We can thank Barack Obama for the resurgence of this abominable person.
    She served as chief Negociator of the Cuban Delegation during the discussions
    with the tyranny.

  2. Josefina Vidal was declared persona non grata with Gustavo Machin. Josefina Vidal a “Translator” speaks three languages, French, English and Spanish. Gustavo Machine works for the DI. He was Cuban ambassador in Haiti from 2005-2011. Machin also worked for the DI department M-1 the one that fight the US intelligence services. Gustavo Machin had a brother, Julio Machin that died of asthma. Julio was also a DI agent, He worked for the department M-5 of the Cuban DI. These two are very close together and they are going to Montreal to continue on with their acts of espionage. Vidal was instrumental in tilting the so call “negotiation” in Raul’s favor. I am very glad that Trump is our president and not Hillary Clinton.

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