How Fidel Castro’s Sexy Mistress Almost Took Him Down 5

Marita Lorenz and Fidel Castro (AP)

By Stefanie Cohen, The New York Post

Marita Lorenz is the Forrest Gump of the Cold War. She was Fidel Castro’s lover and his would-be assassin. She was also seemingly involved in or present for almost every important geo-political event of that era: from the founding of communist Cuba to the Bay of Pigs invasion to the Kennedy assassination.

By all accounts, she seems to be a woman attracted to danger. But she’s rather blasé about it all. According to Lorenz: “One thing just led to another.”

Lorenz, who is now 78 and living in her son’s workspace in Brooklyn, has penned a book about her cloak-and-dagger life: “Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro” (Pegasus Books, out Sept. 5). This is at least the sixth version of her torrid life story. There are a total of three books, including this newest one, and two movies based on her. A third movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Marita, is slated to for release from Sony Pictures in 2018.

“I’m honored,” says Lorenz of having the starlet portray her. “I think she will be able to capture the way I lived. I would like to meet her. I want to talk to her about my intimate feelings about my life.”

Even Lorenz’s early years were dramatic. Raised in Germany, her mother was an anti-Nazi American and her father was a German cruise ship captain. At age 6 she was thrown in Bergen Belsen concentration camp with her mom, and when she was freed, at age 7, she was raped by an American soldier who lived nearby. The early wounds seemed to make her immune to drama and danger.

When she was 19, she was aboard her father’s ship in Havana Harbor when two boats approached, filled with bearded men dressed in military uniforms. One of them caught her attention. “His face fascinated me,” she writes. This was the face of Fidel Castro, who only a month before had taken over Cuba from Fulgencio Batista in the famed 26 of July Revolution. “I will never forget the first time I beheld that penetrating stare, that beautiful face, that wicked and seductive smile,” she writes.

“I am Dr. Castro,” he said. “Fidel. I am Cuba. I have come to visit your large ship.”

The two exchanged glances, and mere moments later they embraced in her cabin below decks — the start of an affair that would change the course of her life. He called her Alemanita — “Little German Girl,” and as soon as she returned to America, he sent a private plane to collect her. She stayed in Cuba with him for seven months, in his suite at the Havana Hilton.

Feature continues here:  Fidel’s Lover


  1. Bastard you are not Cuba you are a brast. Lorenz should have killed Fidel. Batista was the one to blamed, he had him incarcerated after his assault on the Moncada barracks and released Castro after two years in prison. Castro was a Soviet agent since 1943. He along with 20 other Cubans were recruited by the NKVD/ KGB as an agent. Gomer Bashirov was the Soviet agent that recruited him in Havana in 1943. The Soviet planned and provided Castro with the Cash to attack the Moncada fortress. The Soviet also paid for the weapons carried by the Granma expeditionaries in 1956, along with the purchasing of the yatch itself.

  2. Castro was a bastard. He was a commo thug. The Cuban SIM and the Cuban BRAC, those services had Castro brandished as a communist agitator for his envolvement in the Bogotaso in Colombia where he was acessory in the murder of Gaitan, the socialist candidate. He also attacked the Catholic priests and nuns present at the intercontinental conference in Bogota in 1948. Castro was also involved in the murder of two University students which he killed with a handgun in front of the cinecito in Havana, hours later he was detained and released days after the incident for lack of evidence to prosecute him. Castro was a career criminal way before he seized control of Cuba. Fidel Castro became a member of the Ortodox party ordered by the Soviets to get a political name and to become popular. Raul Castro attended a communist youth conference in 1952, prior to his participation in the Moncada attack. The communist conference took place in the zcheck republic and many experts believed that he went there to coordinate with the Soviets, the supply of weapons to the 26 of July movement. Many of Castro’s Guerrillas weapons were obtained via zchekoslovakia and were provided by the Soviet Union.

  3. I honestly do not believe that Castro had 636 assassination attempts against him.Most of these attempts were poorly planned and coordinated with people that neither had the stomach to carry the attack nor the means to execute the assassination attempt correctly. The assassination attempts on Castro were never more than 20, if that.

  4. Marita Lorenz is a mentally and emotionally unstable floozy who has been spinning lies for profit all of her life. The purported baby with Fidel Castro was aborted when Castro sent Lt. Jesus Yanez Pelletier to give her $60,000 in New York. However, Yanez only gave her half the money and when he returned to Havana got thrown in prison. Frank Sturgis is a thief and murderer who participated in the firing squad execution of 71 men on San Juan Hill on January 11, 1959, while wearing a rebel uniform. In 1973, he went to federal prison for taking cars stolen in Texas to Mexico. He was also a DEA snitch.

    • This is correct, Frank Sturgis was a murderer. He was photographed holding an M-1 carbine standing on top of a mass grave of his victims in San Juan Hill,Eastern Cuba.Frank Marks was a fugitive from the US law. This man used to shot political prisoners in La Cabana prison in Havana. Franks was Che Guevara’s henchman in La Cabana prison. One of his routines was to walk his german shepherd dog to the execution area to eat the brain matter of executed prisoners that was scatted on the ground near the execution pole. He lives in Colorado.

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