Associated Press Reports Sonic Attacks in Cuba May Have Begun Years Earlier Than Claimed By White House 3

The view from Chris Allen’s room at Hotel Capri in Havana in April 2014. (Chris Allen / Associated Press)

U.S. Tourist, FBI Agent May Have Been Victims of Cuba Sonic Attacks

(Associated Press) Chris Allen’s phone started buzzing as word broke last month that invisible attacks in Cuba had hit a U.S. government worker at Havana’s Hotel Capri. Allen’s friends and family had heard an eerily similar story from him before.

Allen, from South Carolina, had cut short his trip to Cuba two years earlier after numbness spread through all four of his limbs within minutes of climbing into bed at the same hotel where U.S. Embassy and other government workers were housed. And those weren’t the only parallels with the latest reports. Convinced the incidents must be related, Allen joined a growing list of private U.S. citizens asking the same alarming but unanswerable question: Were we victims, too?

It may be that Allen’s unexplained illness, which lingered for months and bewildered a half-dozen neurologists in the United States, bears no connection to whatever has harmed at least 22 American diplomats, intelligence agents and their spouses over the last year. But for Cuba and the U.S., it matters all the same.

It’s cases like Allen’s that illustrate the essential paradox of Havana’s mystery: If you can’t say what the attacks are, how can you say what they’re not?

With no answers about the weapon, culprit or motive, the U.S. and Cuba have been unable to prevent the attacks from becoming a runaway crisis. As the United States warns its citizens to stay away from Cuba, there are signs that spring breakers, adventure seekers and retirees already are reconsidering trips to the island. After years of cautious progress, U.S.-Cuban relations are now at risk of collapsing entirely.

That delicate rapprochement hadn’t even started to take hold in April 2014 when Allen felt numbness overtake his body on his first night in the Havana hotel.

“It was so noticeable and it happened so quickly that it was all I could focus on and it really, really frightened me,” said Allen, a 37-year-old who works in finance.

The Associated Press reviewed more than 30 pages of medical records, lab results, travel agency records and contemporaneous emails, some sent from Havana, provided by Allen. They tell the story of an American tourist who fell ill under baffling circumstances in the Cuban capital, left abruptly, then spent months and thousands of dollars undergoing medical tests as his symptoms continued to recur.

One troubling fact is true for tourists and embassy workers alike: There’s no test to definitively say who was attacked with a mysterious, unseen weapon and whose symptoms might be entirely unrelated. The United States hasn’t disclosed what criteria prove its assertion that 22 embassy workers and their spouses are “medically confirmed” victims.

So it’s no surprise that even the U.S. government has struggled to sort through confusing signs of possible attacks, odd symptoms, and incidents that could easily be interpreted as coincidences.

LA Times feature continues here:  Did Sonic Attacks Begin in 2014?




The view from Chris Allen’s room at Hotel Capri in Havana in April 2014. (Chris Allen / Associated Press)



  1. This is the largest attack ever by any nation against U.S. diplomats and intelligence agents.Why hasn’t President Trump taken a hard retaliation or Tweeted against it like he has done with North Korea and Iran? Why hasn’t Trump prohibited Americans from traveling to Cuba, a ban that was lifted by Obama? Apparently, Trump, his family and friends have business interests and investments in companies and hotels involved in tourism to Cuba and would suffer economic loses if the actual policy is reversed.

  2. The Trump administration is stuck in a cul-de-sac, since the “sonic attack” is a terrorist action that deserves hard retaliation even if the Cuban authorities only “knew it.” Thus, we have a dumbass president or the whole affair is a fake news.

  3. I do not know why President Donald Trump has not taken more vigorous measures against Cuban dictators, I think President Trump is not a fool, I do not know what his strategy will be; but what I can assure you is that it is not a false news, and that the issue of affecting US diplomats in the Interest Section and now the US Embassy in Havana, started some time ago. I can prove that before the affectation of the diplomats in Havana was published, the Cuban regime already executed that practice here in the United States of North America through agents and collaborators in the USA.

    It is not surprising that the AP press report, as always, tries to minimize the facts and reduce the credibility of the United States, and of course always in favor of the Castro regime. The veteran representative of the Associated Press in Havana, Andrea Rodriguez, in my personal testimony, acts as a political hit man for the Castro regime and has close ties with Fidel and Raul Castro.

    Andrea Rodriguez betrayed me with Cuban intelligence only because I was seeking to denounce the murder of my father committed by express order of the Castro brothers, and for seeking support to leave Cuba because I had a US Refugee visa, but the regime did not gave permission to leave the island. The denouncement of her is confirmed on February 26, 2009 inside the torture cell, behind bars and padlock in the basement of the political police station, located in Aguilera and Lugareño, Municipality of October 10, in Havana.

    The head of the Associated Press in La Habana denounced me with her repressive friends also to prevent me from contacting missionaries from the Methodist church and my story was known by the Bishop of the Methodist church in Florida, Timothy W. Whitaker, who had a lunch with the communist staff of the Methodist Church of Cuba who, and of course was Andrea Rodriguez, she did not want me to spoil her business, my presence in the church where I was a member and she was not, it was a big problem for the lunch attendees. Caridad Diego, repressive leader against the independent evangelicals of Cuba, had already given orders of how Cuban intelligence intended to govern the churches of the United States according to their interests in that sector, which finally facilitated the relaxation of Obama with Castro.

    Andrea Rodriguez, the director of the Associated Press Agency in Havana has caused great damage in my life. Her husband is one of the people in whom Fidel Castro trusted to portray him, in addition to his son. Andrea Rodriguez is part of the staff at the service of the Cuban regime, although sometimes she tries to disguise it. This is my opinion, and just a bit of my personal testimony about the Associated Press.
    More information:

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