Spy Roster 8

The attached pages identify many known and suspected Cuban Intelligence Officers, as well as their agents.  These lists are clearly NOT all inclusive, but do serve as useful starting points for research and study of Havana’s global espionage operations.  To increase their value to this critical field of study, the rosters contain the names of both living and deceased Cuban spies.  These documents will undergo considerable expansion for the foreseeable future.  As always, reader comments are welcomed and encouraged.


  1. LET’S ADD ANOTHER OF CASTRO’S THUGS IN THE LIST.GENERAL ALEJANDRO RONDA MARRERO,He constantly travels to Venezuela. Marrero is a murderer that has conducted political assassinations outside of Cuba,he is an Intelligence Agent.a hit man of the Cuban Tyranny since the 1960’s

  2. Hello! I live in Tampa and so appreciate your re-publishing the Tampa Tribune article about the security threats that a Cuban consulate here could pose (I subscribe to the other daily paper here which probably wouldn’t run such a story). Anyway, I’m curious about the spy roster–I don’t see any list or attached pages, only reader comments. Did you remove that information from this tab? Thank you for providing this service.

      • Ah, I’m accessing from my phone and it requires holding the pressure on the tab rather than just tapping it. Sorry–operator error 🙂 Gracias.

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  3. Please, check and thoroughly vet Cubans living in West Palm Beach. We are full of Cuban Intel agents living amidst us, especially in retirement communities 55+ and their younger family members that visit them. Example: Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL.

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