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“Chris Simmons is considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on Cuban intelligence and counterintelligence.” – CNN

“Chris Simmons…is the most knowledgeable expert there is about the activities of Cuban intelligence in the United States.” – Internationally known Author & Columnist Carlos Alberto Montaner

Media Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Cuban national security affairs. The work of the Cuba Confidential founding editor Chris Simmons has resulted in major appearances/cites in:

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o   Radio Networks:  Univision, Radio Caracol, Super Talk Mississippi and Radio Marti.

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UNIVISION: Chris Simmons hablo sobre agentes que trabajan para gobierno castrista


  1. Dear Mr. Simmons,

    I am a new subscriber to Cuba Confidential updates and find them extremely useful for my work. I am the producer of a monthly community television program in Spanish and Portuguese for the Latin American community living in Israel and I also send the program to some Jewish communities in South America.

    We have taken up the case of Allan Gross, broadcast updates about him in the program and are currently producing, with old video clips, a short TV series about Red Avispa, so as to help our audience to fully comprehend what is behind the Cuban’s government demand to exchange Gross for the Cuban 5.

    René González’ s mother’s second name, Sechwerert, sounds Jewish to me. His lawyer, Phillip Horowitz, is definitely Jewish and so is Red Avispa former spy Ed Levy, whose disclosures I watched in Óscar Haza´s program “A Mano Limpia”. Could you confirm that René González’s mother’s second name is Jewish? This would open up a new field of investigation for us and would be of interest for all the Israelis, not only for those of Latin American extraction. I have also read José Cohen´s paper on the recruitment of American academics by the DI and if I find enough suitable video footage we’ll also broadcast something on this subject by yet another Jewish Cuban former spy.

    Unfortunately, I have only half an hour a month for my program, which is mainly focused on the integration of Latin American immigrants in Israel but I can always save a few minutes for the Castro Bros.& comp, Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega, the Iranian connection, etc.

    Therefore, we can work together on certain Cuban subjects, adding Cuba Confidential info to the materials we are trying to produce.

    By the way, I was born in Communist Romania before emigrating to Israel, grew up, was educated and worked under a Communist regime and understand very well the problems of the Cubans living in the island or in the US. That´s why I think my program can take up such subjects.

    I wish you all the best.
    Sergio Klein
    Jerusalem, September, 24 2012

    • Mr Klein,

      Thank you for your inquiry and reading Cuba Confidential. Regretably, I am unfamilair with the Hewbrew language and thus unable to say whether René González’s matrinimic name (i.e., Schwerert) is of Jewish origin. That said, I would suggest directly asking the Cuban Embassy whether RG is of Jewish ancestry. If there is a connection, I’m confident Havana would go out of its way to share information on the subject.

      Regarding the Cuba 5-Alan Gross exchange, Cuba’s motive is simple. Several of the five as Case Officers — that is, the spy masters who ran the network. Cuba cannot afford to have them negotiate a plea agreement for lesser sentences, as did so many of their collegues.

      I am happy to help anyway I can. Additionally, I have a question for you. Given Israel’s Law of Return, what is the Israeli government’s position? Has Judy Gross requested Tel Aviv’s assistance?

      More to follow,

      R/Chris Simmons
      Leesburg, VA
      26 September 2012

  2. Dear Mr. Simmons:
    Thanks for your service, you have a mistake with Eusebio Azcue Lopez, this is not his real name, he was a master spy for KGB. I have 25 pictures a document from him. He was a operative chief to JFK and FBI never knew his name and face. He has the large history like Master Spy around the world. I wrote a book about his life …you have my phone number, call to publish it.

  3. Re your site —

    “If you are looking for expert analysis and opinion for your publication, radio or television show, a Cuba-related book review, or background information for a research project on Cuban intelligence issues, please contact us.”

    How does one do this exactly? You provide no email address or link, as far as this reader can see. Thanks.

      • Dear Mr. Simmons. Thanks a looot for the valuable documentary info you make available both through the posts and into the Library. Thanks to the relevant information you have already published for the past two weeks I have started to understand many things with direct impact in my life which also have anabled me to understand US positions and procedures in many areas. I also would like to ask you a favor: Would it be possible for you to publish into your Library and make publicly available the Book “The File: A Personal Story” by Timothy Garton Ash? I believe this book if made publicly available will make a sound contribution to understand the modus operandis of the Communist Intelligence aparatus out of which the Cuban one is a distinguished pupil. Thanks in advance!

  4. Dear Mr. Simmons:

    Thanks for your valuable service to our country. The blog is very nice and informative.

    This said, I have a disagreement with the article published by The Miami Herald with the authorship of Nora Gamez Torres.

    Her article was published a about a week after the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba disclosed the identities of
    two Human Rights violators living in Florida. They were members of the security forces of the Cuban regime
    therefore they committed perjury when filling the ICE form after applying for residence or citizenship. They were also accused
    by some of their victims with notarized sworn statements. All this information was submitted by us, at the victim’s request, to the proper authorities. Mr. Blanco did not lied to the US authorities and disclosed his full history when he came here and then was subjected to a heavy background investigation before becoming a US citizen.

    I work with Mr. Blanco at FHRC and although most of his background described in the article are true, he never participated
    in actos de repudio or described Jorge Mas Canosa as a “Clown”. He is also very anticommunist and despises the cuban government and their corrupt system.

    My critique to the blog is that you basically copy and pasted the Herald article without any research, almost simultaneously with the cuban government media, with the hope by them of committing a character assassination of Mr. Blanco. The disclosure of these to repressors living in Florida have upset the Cuban government very much….( something we know for a fact.) You, as an expert in counterintelligence, know that many more of these subjects are living among us, although it’s unknown if they are still in contact with Cuban intelligence to perform a particular mission against the U.S.

    Thanks again for your service and may God bless the USA.

    Pedro L. Rodriguez (Not Gonzalez as it appeared in the article)

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