Parliament President Demands Release of Cuban 5 Reply

Parliament President Demands Release of Cuban 5

President of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, demands President Obama immediately release the Cuban 5 



Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen Highlights Dangers of Cuban Spies in Argentina 1


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Ros-Lehtinen Says, That If True, Cuban Spies Living In Buenos Aires Are A Further Sign Of The Danger

Posed By The Castro Dictatorship

 Miami, Florida – Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) released the following statement today regarding press reports that three Cuban spies who were expelled from the U.S. in 2003 may be living in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

“Cuba’s foreign intelligence service, the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), is known as one of the most effective and ruthless intel agencies in the world.  And do you know what its main mission is? Its orders are to globally subvert U.S. policies while keeping the Castro tyranny in perpetual power over the long suffering Cuban people.

The Castro brothers are intent on staying in power and one of their many ruthless mechanisms for accomplishing this is their feared network of spies and collaborators.  If true, I am deeply troubled by these reports that three Cuban spies expelled from the United States in 2003 are living a plush life in Buenos Aires. This is another example of the Cuban regime planting its operatives abroad in order to increase its spy network and garner intelligence.

 One only has to look at the press reports today indicating Maria Eugenia Quesada Prieto of Cuban State Security is visiting South Florida to recognize the Castro brothers’ intentions to infiltrate the U.S.

Cuban spies pose a real danger to our nation and they should be treated as enemies of America.”


This Day in History Reply

On May 2, 2004, the Mexican government ordered Cuba’s Ambassador, Jorge Bolaños Suarez, to leave Mexico within 48 hours.  Mexico also declared Embassy political adviser Orlando Silva Fors Persona Non Grate (PNG) and forbid future visits by Cuban officials Jose Antonio Arbesu & Pedro Miguel Lobaina-Jimenez de Castro.  Mexico stated its actions responded to acts by Arbesu, Lobaina, and Fors which were “unacceptable activities (in Mexico…) outside of the institutional context and procedures established in existing agreements and treaties between the two countries.”    According to Le Monde, Lobaina headed the Mexico Section of the “Americas Area,” the intelligence wing of the Cuban Communist Party.  Arbesu headed the Americas Area.

In the early 1970s, the CIA identified Bolaños as a suspected Intelligence Officer.  In the mid 1990s, Bolaños served as a First Vice Minister in MINREX, where he oversaw Havana’s interactions with Cubans living overseas.  Cuba and Mexico resolved Bolaños’ expulsion officer, who continued to serve as Havana’s ambassador before being appointed to his current position —  chief of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC.

Fox News: Fair & Balanced? Not on Cuba Coverage 2

Fox News takes a self-inflicted credibility wound in its story, “Cuba’s Residents Hope to Travel Freely, at Last.”     This single story features three agenda-laden “Cuba experts:”

Chavez health problems plunge Venezuela’s future into doubt 1

Chavez health problems plunge Venezuela’s future into doubt

Cuba remains the wild-card in the shaping of a post-Chavez Venezuela.  The Castro regime has invested considerable resources (especially intelligence personnel) and its penetration of the Venezuelan government is pervasive.  Rest assured, Havana will do everything in its power to maintain an allied administration in Caracas.  For Cuba, failure is not an option.


Castro Apologists Devoted, Just Not Very Clever…… 2

To no one’s surprise, Arturo Lopez-Levy, a rising star within the apologist crowd, gave a glowing endorsement of Stephen Kimber’s forthcoming book on the Cuban 5.  A Canadian academic, Kimber is a well-known for his pro-regime stance and of late has tried to broaden his appeal by appearing more moderate in his writings.  Curiously, Lopez-Levy cited research by Lisando Perez, an “outed” Cuban asset and longtime professor at Florida International University as evidence of Kimber’s “objectivity.”  The speaker, a PhD candidate in the American Midwest, presented his review last month at the left-leaning Center for International Policy in Washington, D.C.

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