The Evolution of a Propagandist Reply

The Evolution of a Propagandist

Canadian academic Stephen Kimber, increasingly well known as a Castro apologist, is quickly developing a more sophisticated approach in his pro-Havana marketing.  In a speech last week (see link), he acknowleded several lies spread by Cuba regarding the regime’s 1996 murder of 4 Americans and its US-based espionage operations.  His overall speech predictably weaved together numerous lies, half-truths, and omissions.  However, the inclusion of a few bona fide facts and admission to several regime-perpetuated falsehoods is a new twist, suggesting an effort by Kimber to portray himself as more balanced and objective.  An interesting development worth watching…..





Today in history Reply

April 23, 1990:  Argentine President Carlos Menem received the credentials of longtime spy Miguel Brugueras del Valle as Cuban Ambassador to Buenos Aires.  Allegedly retiring from his espionage work to assume the diplomatic posting, Brugueras had been a career officer in the America Department (DA), the intelligence wing of the Cuban Communist Party.

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