Chavez health problems plunge Venezuela’s future into doubt 1

Chavez health problems plunge Venezuela’s future into doubt

Cuba remains the wild-card in the shaping of a post-Chavez Venezuela.  The Castro regime has invested considerable resources (especially intelligence personnel) and its penetration of the Venezuelan government is pervasive.  Rest assured, Havana will do everything in its power to maintain an allied administration in Caracas.  For Cuba, failure is not an option.


Terrorists Protected, While Terrorism Fighters Languish in Jail Reply

Terrorists Protected, While Terrorism Fighters Languish in Jail

You have to give the Castro regime (and Cuban Intelligence) credit for having friends in high places.  This Huffington Post article is a propaganda masterpiece. 

Bravo Mr Fleetwood.  Your article is the best work of fiction I’ve read in quite some time.  Well done! 


Castro Apologists Devoted, Just Not Very Clever…… 2

To no one’s surprise, Arturo Lopez-Levy, a rising star within the apologist crowd, gave a glowing endorsement of Stephen Kimber’s forthcoming book on the Cuban 5.  A Canadian academic, Kimber is a well-known for his pro-regime stance and of late has tried to broaden his appeal by appearing more moderate in his writings.  Curiously, Lopez-Levy cited research by Lisando Perez, an “outed” Cuban asset and longtime professor at Florida International University as evidence of Kimber’s “objectivity.”  The speaker, a PhD candidate in the American Midwest, presented his review last month at the left-leaning Center for International Policy in Washington, D.C.

Arturo_Lopez_Levy speech

Public Relations Firm Echoes Cuban Propaganda Theme of “Trade the 5!” 1

The following extract regarding the PR firm Burson-Marsteller is eye-opening: 

“The firm is working with Secretary of State Clinton and others to get Alan Gross released from a prison in Cuba where he is serving a 15-year term on charges of spying.

The U.S could get Gross released if it traded the “Cuban Five” (Cubans accused of not registering as foreign agents) for Gross but that would anger the politically powerful Cuban ex-patriate community in Florida.

The JDF has noted that Israel traded 1,000 Palestinians for one Israeli soldier and the U.S. Government traded ten Russian spies for four Russians caught spying in Russia for the U.S. “Why can’t Washington trade five Cubans for one U.S. citizen?” it asks.  The answer is politics.”


O’Dwyer’s Blog, which covers the PR & public affairs arenas.  “PR Society Leaders Skip Burson Dinner”

Busy weekend of repression in Cuba for Castro State Security Reply

Busy weekend of repression in Cuba for Castro State Security

The “State Security” forces described by Babalu Blog include the Directorate of Counterintelligence (DCI), the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), and the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs).  The DCI, the most repressive of Havana’s five intelligence services, is the lead organization tasked with ensuring domestic stability.  The police openly collaborate with the DCI, as do the CDRs, which are de facto neighbor snitch programs.  By some estimates, up to 10% of the Cuban population serve as CDR informants.  [For more information, see]