Today in History: Cuban Spy Helped Establish Nationwide “Sister City” Program 1

March 19-21, 1999: Felix Wilson Hernandez, a Directorate of Intelligence (DI) enjoying the protection of diplomatic immunity at the Cuban Interests Section, served on a three man delegation to the national formation meeting of the US-Cuba Sister City Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Editor’s Note: For more information on Havana’s use of the Sister City program, see the Washington Times feature, “Cuban spies exploit ‘Sister City’ program,”


Today in History: Cuban Intelligence Targeted Minnesota Business Leaders & Students 2

November 24-26, 1997:  Johanna Tablada and Felix Wilson, spy-diplomats assigned to the Cuban Interests Section, met with business executives and college students in Minnesota.  During their first night, the Cubans attended a dinner meeting with executives from 11 Minnesota companies, including several of the state’s biggest corporations. Hosted by Minneapolis lawyer Larry Koslow, the business dinner reviewed the economic situation in Cuba and nurtured non-binding business deals to commence after the embargo ends. During the following two days, Tablada spoke with students at the University of Minnesota.

Today in History: Spy Service Rewarded With Ambassadorship 1

Following his tour in the US, Havana assigned career DI Officer Felix Wilson Hernandez as the Cuban Consul General to the Bahamas.Wilson was aided by two other diplomats. Only four nations are represented in the Bahamas resident diplomatic corps – the US, China, Haiti, and Cuba. In 2005, Havana upgraded its consulate to an embassy and appointed Wilson as its first Ambassador to the Bahamas. He presented his credentials to Bahamas’ Governor-General on November 10, 2005. He retained this post for two years.

Cuban Ambassador Felix Wilson Hernandez

Editor’s Note:  The Directorate of Intelligence (DI) is the name used by the foreign intelligence service within the Ministry of the Interior.

Today in History: Senior Spy Targeted California University Students 1

October 22, 1997:  Felix Wilson Hernandez, a Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer under cover as the Acting Head of the Cuban Interests Section, visited the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for a meeting entitled “Ernesto Che Guevara and Cuba: Past, Present, and Future.” The forum, sponsored by an array of student groups, marked the 30th anniversary of Che’s failed mission in Bolivia. Wilson was also scheduled to speak at a UCLA class on the morning of October 23rd.  That evening, he addressed two classes at California State University Los Angeles. Wilson concluded his visit following his presentation to a class at California State University Long Beach on the morning of October 24th.  Analysis of Wilson’s modus operandi during his US tour indicates he served with the DI’s elite Department M-I, “US Targets.”