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Chris Simmons is an internationally known authority on espionage issues, especially Cuba’s intelligence services. An Army paratrooper turned master spy-catcher & terrorist hunter, Simmons is:

One of America’s most successful spy-catchers, having destroyed or crippled the careers of over 80 spies, including:

•Being a central figure in the identification, investigation, and debriefing of convicted Cuban spy, Ana Belen Montes: the highest-ranking Cuban spy ever imprisoned in the US.
•Being the lead military official in the May 2003 expulsion of 14 Cuban spies serving under diplomatic cover, the third largest expulsion of diplomats in US history.
•Identifying the anomaly that led to the investigation and arrest of Dr. Alberto Coll, a Naval War College professor and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

A highly decorated four-time war veteran (Grenada, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan), his interrogation operations were so feared by Al Qaeda that his interviewing center earned the nicknames, “The Cemetery” and “The Devil’s Den.”

•He was decisive in helping destroy terrorist operations intended to prevent the 2005 Iraqi elections while assigned to the legendary Special Operations unit, “Task Force 6-26.”
•Simmons also personally uncovered an Al-Qaeda deception operation intended to destroy U.S.-Iraqi relations and kill 300 Iraqis.
•In Iraq, he oversaw the interrogation of 732 captured detainees, resulting in an unprecedented 99% cooperation rate among these High-Value Individuals.
•Returning to the US, Lieutenant Colonel Simmons saved the lives of 12 suicidal/despondent soldiers while leading a high-stress, high-visibility Crisis Hotline established by the Pentagon.

Simmons also authors a second blog called Human Chess: A Spy’s Guide to Understanding & Influencing Others


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