Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Leads Democratic Delegation in Meeting With Cuban Spy-Diplomat 5

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in Havana

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in Havana

By Chris Simmons

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today met with Democratic Party members of Congress to Havana. At his side was expelled Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer Josefina Vidal, who continues to serve as head of the Foreign Ministry’s North America Division.

Democratic congressmen and women on the delegation include Eliot Engel, Rosa DeLauro, Collin Peterson, Anna Eshoo, Nydia Velazquez, Jim McGovern, Steve Israel and David Cicilline.

Next week, Vidal leads a Cuban delegation to Washington for the next round of normalization talks, which are scheduled for February 27.


  1. There is not going to be any solution with Castro in power.The dictator is not going to make any concession because his only desire is to stay in power.Castro is not going to allow free elections,from the beginning he said that he would agree to those concessions that will not jeopardize his revolution(COMMUNISM)

  2. This lady is such an space cadet that nothing coming from her will surprise me in any way. She says she thinks Cuba should be taken off the terrorism supporting list, a regime that has subverted the entire Western Hemisphere, supports Iran, North Korea, has sent armies to fight in Africa. Have the Castros changed? Please don’t make me laugh!

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