Cuban police arrest top aide to parliament speaker Alarcón Reply

A senior aide to Ricardo Alarcón, Cuba’s long-serving parliament president, was arrested along with his wife, a former intelligence agent

By Juan O. Tamayo

The top aide to the president of Cuba’s parliament, Ricardo Alarcón, and his wife — both former intelligence agents — have been in police custody for two months in a case that might well be aimed at ousting Alarcón, according to a Havana colleague.

Miguel Alvarez and Mercedes Arce, in their mid-50s, were detained on March 3 in Havana and remained in custody as of Monday for investigation on alleged corruption charges, the colleague added.

Alvarez was long known as Alarcón’s right-hand man in his job as senior advisor on international and political affairs, and he sat in on many of Alarcón’s meetings with visiting dignitaries and journalists.

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Also see the Cuba Confidential story of May 22nd, “Washington Post Clueless Again: Wants Spy Admitted to US”



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