“Retired” Spy Back in Europe as Cuban Ambassador to Germany 1

Many thanks to Jorge L. Garcia Vazquez (STASI-MININT Connection) for reporting on the Cuban Ambassador in Berlin, René Mujica Cantelar. The former deep-cover spy has extensive experience in Europe, as noted in my Miami Herald feature, ”When Spies Become Diplomats,” written several years ago when he served as Havana’s ambassador to London.

Read the full STASI-MININT story here (in Spanish) La Embajada de Cuba en Alemania: Centro de Desinformación e Influencia .Agentes con fachada profunda?


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  1. Excellent article!.The Cuban Government also make use of the diplomatic pouch as a medium of espionage. Their diplomats are agents the same way that many Cuban non traditional agencies are also spying for the regime using covers,like for instance the Cuban Merchant Marine.This entity is devoted to maritime espionage and surveillance.Doctors are also used as spies and many are members of the Cuban DI to spy in the different countries were they are performing their functions. These doctors are a source of HUMINT working for the Cuban Government.The Cuban government was collaborating with the Stasi and the KGB and many other intelligence services.

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