Experto asegura que hay espías cubanos en todo Estados Unidos 2

Univision 23 reporter Mario Vallejo

Univision 23 reporter Mario Vallejo

Univision 23




  1. Dear Chris: You are right. Since years ago at DGI USA was the principal objective. Chief Oberto from MC(United States) and Chief Sanchez from MZ (Illegal Intelligence) work together to achieve the goals to infiltrate agents and Illegal Officers into USA. Dr Jose Acosta ex Chief of  Psychological Operative Bureau at  DGI

  2. Claro que hay espias comunistas en US,Castro once said that every house of Cuban american or American citizens of Cuban descent where potential enemies and needed to be penetrated.There is a great effort to fight cybernetic opposition to the Cuban regime by the Cuban dictatorship.The Cuban regime knows that the Internet is a great tool to fight their regime and the Castroids spend time and effort trying to block the postings of the dissidence in the internet.
    The function of the Cuban spies in the US obviously is to try to obtain classify information and to keep their repressive
    government updated in the political changes within the US that may be favorable to support the survival of the Cuban regime.Wherever there are Cubans congregated there is a Communist Cuban spy or a communist sympathiser.On the same token there are American of Cuban descent that will go the whole 100 yards to make sure that these Cuban communist spies are brought to justice to face prosecution.

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