Amid Concerns, US Poised To Strike Cuba From Terrorism List 4

The State Department recommended Cuba be removed from a U.S. terrorism list, another step in restoring diplomatic ties between the countries.





  1. The plight of the people in Cuba, within the existing Cuban society as it is today, is not equivalent to the political demands–with regards to the present U.S. foreign policy of the United States toward Cuba–as made by a sector of the Cuban American community in Miami.

    These are two different and distinct communities of Cuban extraction, inside Cuba and in Florida, which grew- up and evolved as two very different societies and under very different circumstances and under very different infrastructural civil societies.

    At this time, there is a substantial portion of the Cuban American community in Miami who would like to see the trade embargo against Cuba, ended. This is a fact. Notwithstanding, by contrast, the most outspoken sector of the Cuban American conservative political leadership of the Miami Dade County and which controls the local media and the political positions and elected offices in Washington DC and throughout the State of Florida is against such an end of the trade embargo.

    On a third parallel, the political expectations regarding the present U.S. foreign policy of the United States toward Cuba within the Anglo American, the Italian American community, the Polish American community, the Irish American community, the Jewish American community, the Mexican American community, the Puerto Rican community and the Black American civil societies–among others more–in the United States are very different and distinct from the political expectations regarding the present U.S. foreign policy of the United States toward Cuba on the part of the conservative Cuban American community, the latter whose political demands skew toward their own need for personal vindication for a country this sector of the Cuban American community in South Florida considers it lost due to the Castro Regime being implanted in government in Cuba.

    Enter the establishment of U.S. Cuba diplomatic relations as it is about to occur. One of the prerequisites for such reconciliation is to bring cooperation and understanding among these two nations and it is obvious such reconciliation will not be made without a deletion of Cuba from the terrorist list of terrorists countries. Therefore, the only factor remaining to be observed is if Cuba–who will now be taken off the terrorist list countries–will live up to such standard as principal factor of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba..

  2. For decades Cuba has been a supporter of terrorism. during the 60’s in the tri-continental conference Castro emphasized his support for terrorism providing support and training to every terrorist groups from the PLO to ETA and Venezuelan and Salvadorean Guerrillas. Actually Castro is trafficking arms with China and North Korea which establish Cuba’s status as a country supporter of terrorism.To treat the Cuban dictatorship like we own them something is very disrespectful ,let’s treat them like terrorists and when their system collapse,let’s prosecute them as such.

  3. Let’s keep the embargo going until the Castro regime decide to celebrate free elections.I support the embargo 100 %. I came to America looking for freedom and to have the opportunity to fight communism , I did not come to America to have my belly full. The primary reason was ideological,my whole entire family have fought the Castro communists.Guess what We still do! Down to communism! let’s keep the embargo. Whoever wants to socialize with the Castro regime and the communists return to Cuba.Very simple!

  4. Some people in this post must put the following legal disclaimer after their posting:

    “The views expressed in this space Cuba Confidential are the total responsibility of the person posting their individual post and such views do not necessarily represent the official views of the United States of America!”

    I say this, because it is so blatantly and patently obvious: when one sees people, here, stating those who “socialize with the Castro regime” (I presume meaning to establish diplomatic relations with the nation of Cuba )…….must…..return to Cuba. Very simple!” as if the person writing the post in owner the United States nation´s foreign policy, yet, while not even knowing that this nation has already adopted its official government posture in its foreign policy toward Cuba, which is to officially establish diplomatic relations with the nation of Cuba. A right to a dissenting opinion is a vernacular precept of this great nation and the Batista style of dictatorship and commentary, ironically, is what paved the way to the present status in Cuba. As they say in good Cuban “The ducks now shooting at the rifles” (los pájaros tirándole a las escopetas). I´m sick of Cubans turned Americans of convenience who want to hijack the United States foreign policy to fit their Cuban agenda, instead of the American agenda. José Martí (Mateo 6:24 said: “One cannot serve two masters” “No se puede servir a dos amos”. Very simple–yes–very simple.

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