As Normalization Effort Continues, Cuban Spy Broadcasts Continue…… 3

numbers stationsAs expelled spy-diplomats Josefina Vidal and Gustavo Machin push for greater US concessions, their spy colleagues continue to go “old school” in targeting the US…..

Recent Cuban “Numbers Stations” broadcasts from Havana to the regime’s spies abroad:

February 9th

February 8th

February 6th

January 20th

January 16th



  1. Dear Chris….when I was at the Cuban Intelligence as a Operative Pychologist General Mendez Cominches ask me ” If you do an Intelligence Test to our Intelligenge what do you think will be the results” My answer sealed my future there “Retarded”. They were good due to the amount of Officers Legals, IIlegal and ideogic agents over the world.But for his Intelligence real work and communicaton continues to be “retarded”

  2. The Cuban repressive Government cares less about future apertures within the island and much less they care about having a legitimate relationship with the US.The Cuban Government,all they cared was to get the remaining three spies back and they already have them.They are never going to open US Embassies in Cuba and they are looking for just an excuse to blame the US and to cancel the dialogue between nations.The Castroids will never stop looking to get US Secrets to sell to the adversaries of the US.

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