Miami Republican Members of Congress Oppose Cuban Embassy in Washington, Citing Spies 6

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC

@PatriciaMazzei, Miami Herald

Miami’s three Cuban-American Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives say they don’t want to see a Cuban embassy opened in Washington D.C. — or a Cuban consulate anywhere else in the country — because it would risk allowing Cuba to spy on the U.S.

There is already a Cuban interests section in D.C., and a Cuban mission to the United Nations.

“We are all too familiar with the Castro regime’s efforts to utilize their diplomats as intelligence agents tasked with the goal of committing espionage against their host countries,” the members of Congress and several colleagues wrote in a letter Thursday to the U.S. State Department. “We believe that allowing Cuba to open an embassy in Washington, D.C. or consulates will further open the door for their espionage activities.”

They also asked to be briefed in detail about the status of the negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba to normalize diplomatic relations.

Signing the letter were Miami Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart and Carlos Curbelo, as well as Rep. Albio Sires, a New Jersey Democrat and fellow Cuban American, and Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican whose father was born in Cuba. Cruz is considering a 2016 presidential candidacy.


  1. !What a news! Everybody knows that most of the countries use their Diplomats as cover for Intelligence Officer, In this currently world Intelligence Oficcer is as other Profession that sometimes require University studies

  2. If there is a Cuban embassy in the US. The Cubans will be bringing more personnel that is needed to conduct operations in the US. Most of those in the Cuban embassy would be devoted to conduct espionage activities on US soil. Things they do,they will use the consular bags to exchange espionage information. The Cubans will automatically bring illegal agents to
    the US with more intensity than before and their operation ratio for their agents would be greater than what actually is.
    The Cubans will conduct operations of penetrating the American society and the Federal agencies at a greater scale.
    I’m thinking there is too much to lose for almost no gain because at the end the Castro regime is collapsing anyway,let’s
    keep the embargo in place the way it is now and let’s keep the Guantanamo base the same way it is. If the machine is working good don’t try to fix it.Right?

  3. Let’s also keep Cuba on the list of terrorist countries. The Cuban government is still helping members of the IRA and the basque movement ETA,members that are still living in Cuba and have businesses in Cuba. I’m opposing any negotiation with the terrorist Cuban regime,let not forget that during the Missile crisis this same rat named Raul Castro was asking the Soviets to launch nuclear strikes against the US. If we authorize the Cuban government to establish their embassies in the US, at the end we will be sorry.

  4. Well, well. To say that a foreign country about to establish an Embassy in Washington DC is going to conduct spying and information gathering activities, is the understatement of the year. Likewise, spying and information gathering is a very necessary process and priority of all countries throughout the world, particularly in an ever changing world. Granted, some countries do it better than others, but such is a lame excuse for thwarting an Executive directive of the President of the United States of America and not just the President of citizens residing in the constituencies of Miami Dade County, Florida.

    Spying and information gathering is a big business and source of employment for the United States too, follow this link for those still living in the dark ages: One could say on the lighter side of things is an “equal employment opportunity”, as they say jokingly I can´t wait for the day the public domain finally becomes aware just how much Cuba and the U.S. may collaborate with each other in sharing quality intelligence to keep the western hemisphere safe. In fact, in the very near future, with the new super port in Miami, Florida and the mega ships and super tankers about to come into the South Florida geography, soon after the expansion of the Panama Canal, Cuba could become an important collaborator of the U.S. its neighbor and the Mariel Port in Cuba can serve–for specific incidents deserving of precaution–as a trans-boarding inspection and anti terrorist monitoring port to keep U.S. soil safe from ships that will now be harder–almost impossible–to fully inspect for a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. That´s an incentive for collaboration in anti-terrorist activities between the two countries Cuba and the U.S. and could be a public announcement to take Cuba off the terrorist list of countries of past history controversy. Difficult and rare circumstances can certainly make for strange bedfellows.

    In the final analysis, the United States and Cuba want to get their business in order and move forward. Therefore, the execution consisting of the establishment of an Embassy by Cuba in our nation´s capital follows the larger strategic picture decided by the U.S. government, not only to include impact in South Florida only, but for all Americans to whom tis nation belongs. No other nation in the world has been the master at “taking and giving” in the business of making this country a great power in the planet and advancing the welfare of all its citizens, this U.S./Cuba diplomacy initiative is no different toward the end. If you´re not convinced about this, review history when a Republican President, Richard Millhouse Nixon, in 1972 opened the doors to China and Russia, with worse domestic and international scenarios than Cuba. I was there at 18 years of age as special driver for Maurice Stans Secretary of Commerce and Chairman of the Campaign to Re-Elect the President. Non of these political Republicans were in near sight. Later, I met President Nixon one morning in 1986 while coming out of my home in Key Biscayne and we had a long talk, someone I truly appreciated and knew since a teenager. Perhaps one day to be published, photos and all. Cuba is my homeland and its time to go home and help rebuild the nation in a transition process that ill survive Fidel and Rául Castro. Just about one third of the automobiles in this nation are of brands from Japan, a nation the United States severely fought in a World War.

    • I agree with you. I sent a brief similar message to Chris Simmons article about same issue. Intelligence both Political and Economic is a need for every Country . Intelligence Officer is a Profession as others. Must of them required University studies . !!!excelent article!

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